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A Board Outdoor Advertising
Our wide range of A-boards and pavement advertising signs are perfect for just about any use. Most of the POS display signs can be used both indoors and outdoors to display any special offers that you may have. The elegant and stable A-stands can be placed outside to display daily menus or special offers outside of a restaurant, cafe or store, these A-boards could also be effectively used outside of entertainment venues or at an exhibition stand. In various DIN formats, they are suitable for information or advertising purposes. Find out more about the variety of opportunities in outdoor marketing here.
With great online prices starting from just £46.64, now's your time to advertise your business for the world to see. If you have any additional questions on these products, then please contact our sales team and we will be more than happy to help you. 

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Why Choose A Boards?

Well, it is simple really:
· It is easy to remove and replace a poster displayed on a VKF Renzel A board with the snap frame technique
· We have a range of waterproof A-boards - the perfect solution to display offers outside your business
· Made from High-Quality Materials

Flexible Use of the A-stand

The different types of A-boards we have on offer provides you with many great opportunities for outdoor advertising. Some models can also be personalised; the variants with windscreens or top-plates offer additional possibilities to grab the attention of passers-by. Thanks to their robust nature, the stands defy wind and weather. Thanks to their easy handling, they can be set up or stowed away quickly. Both long-term use and short-term use are possible.

A-Boards can be used as signposts, advertising media or information signs for various purposes. Furthermore, menus, welcome greetings or various information notices can be placed inside the stand. The simple exchange and renewal of content enable quick adjustments. Attach brochure baskets onto your A-boards allowing for your flyers to be retrieved at hand height on the hinge of the display. By equipping your A-Board with appropriate accessories, you increase your exposure. Customers are guaranteed to be reminded of your company at home when they find the flyer they easily grabbed from your A-Board as they walked past. The versions with headboards and waterproof offer additional, optical possibilities to attract the attention of passers-by.

Additional accessories, such as protective films, protect your display from external influences. The inserts can therefore be removed undamaged and stowed away until the next use.


Effective Advertising In All Weathers

Do you want to advertise outdoors at any time of the year? At VKF Renzel UK our street POS displays are almost all waterproof. Rainwater or wind doesn't affect our A-Boards. The models with a fillable base in particular can withstand strong winds.

The stability of our A-Boards means that they can be set up safely on suitable surfaces. Set up the foldable models in the field of view of passers-by. When the store closes, fold up the display and stow it away to save space.

Here at VKF Renzel UK, we offer different models fitted with a separate foot to ensure extra stability regardless of the frame design. On the other hand, the A-stands without a special stand offers an advantage in terms of storage. Thanks to a folding function, these can be stored flat and thus save space. In the event of a thunderstorm or a storm, if not one of our waterproof models they can be folded up quickly and easily transported due to the lightweight base frame made of high-quality aluminium. Please note the weight may vary depending on the size of the stand.

The formats of the A-boards on offer range from DIN A0 - A2. In addition, there is a larger selection of special formats too. If necessary, both sides of the poster display can be used, giving you maximum space to advertise your many offers. These A-boards are certain to provide plenty of space to draw attention to your special offers with posters, inscribed boards or similar means. A1 is certainly one of the most common outdoor display sizes, it is perfect to present high quality and clearly visible displays.

The posters are replaced by the simple folding frame techniques also seen on our Click Frames; unfold the frame and insert the poster. Then cover the poster with the cover sheet and fold the frame
A-Boards provide great design options. With the help of chalk markers, the entire works of art are possible. Labels and images can be quickly wiped off and replaced.

Targeted Attention

The effect of outdoor poster stands is simple. The idea of having the A board face the direction of foot traffic is particularly useful in helping to attract the attention of pedestrians. While shop windows can sometimes be left unnoticed, an A board presents the pedestrian with an obstacle on the pavement and thus requires an additional level of attention from those passing by. This is an ideal solution for shops in pedestrian zones or on busy streets. But what can you do if the store is not directly visible? The changeability of the display means that they can also be used as information signs or signposts. Shops that are out of sight can place the A Board in the nearest most suitable place, potential customers can then become aware of your shop’s location. The weather-resistant Wind Signs are suitable for the permanent use of such a signpost.
Use an A- Board to point out certain precautions. the display catches the eyes of passers-by, visitors and customers as a sign. This way, people will quickly become aware of the precaution.

Sales Promotion At The Cutting Edge

Would you like to advertise, inform or draw attention to the pulse of time using POS cutting edge technology? With our digital a-board pavement signs, that's no longer a problem. The digital advertising media can be loaded with content quickly and easily. Various file formats can be reproduced in the form of various storage media.

Digital copies also attract a lot of attention from passers-by. Due to the brightness of the screens, the advertising content is presented in higher quality, displaying entire videos and slideshows. The presentation on just one side can also be transformed into a two-sided digital advertising medium. Our Digital A-Board signs are easy to handle and have great mobility due to integrated wheels.

Addressing Potential Customers In The Catering, Retail And Industrial Sectors

Use A-boards to increase your sales promotions. A-Boards can be used flexibly for different purposes. The product can be used in different situations. Decide now for the classic A-stand as a customer stopper, a natural sidewalk board or a particularly weatherproof Wind Sign.

A multitude of displays made of different materials are waiting to be discovered by you. Turn passersby into potential customers with high-quality A-Boards. Discover a wide range of different displays that offer excellent outdoor advertising options. Show off your new menus, happy hour offers or exclusive entertainment.

With great online prices starting from just £46.64, now's your time to advertise your business for the world to see. If you have any additional questions on these products, then please contact our sales team and we will be more than happy to help you. 
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