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Cake Display Units

Particularly in settings such as cafés, cake displays are a crucial piece of equipment to utilise. Whilst you may have fresh goods displayed elsewhere in your store, a cake display unit offers you the possibility to showcase more of you product range directly to your customers, perhaps in a location which otherwise wouldn't be used.

At VKF Renzel, we offer cake displays in a selection of sizes, range from 1 to 4 tiered units. Therefore, you're sure to find a size suitable for your exact needs and budget. Each tier has it's own separate door too, so you can easily place new goods inside or remove them during a sale; simply lift the door upwards to do so.

The cake display units are delivered flat-packed, yet are incredibly easy to fix together. We recommend at least two people are responsible for building the 3 and 4 tier units, whilst a single person could be responsible for building the 1 and 2 tier units. Once assembled, you can start using your sturdy unit.

Hygiene Protection

As a result of recent events, improved sanitisation and hygiene within the workplace and public spaces is continually at the forefront of everyone's minds. Cake display units offer that extra bit of reassurance, as the goods displayed inside are offered 360° protection.

As your products are protected from all around, this guarantees that no prying hands can reach the items inside and also prevents airborne bacteria from contacting them too. In effect, you can ensure that you're providing a "cleaner" more hygienic end product to your customer.

Additionally, you can also consider the use of sneeze guards for displaying a selection of your fresh goods. Whilst these are typically open from the back, they provide you with another option to professionally showcase your goods to visitors, whilst protecting them from a larger number of germs and bacteria.

More Opportunity to Sell

In addition to the hygiene benefits of implementing a cake display unit, these quality products are also a great opportunity to showcase a greater range of your own goods, and in effect provides you with more selling opportunities too.

The fact that they're manufactured from clear acrylic also ensures that they're unobtrusive to your customers' eye. They blend in with the environment, whilst providing you with more possibilities to sell.

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