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Acrylic Single Sided Sign Holder "Classic"

  • slight tilt
  • for the presentation of product and price information
  • acrylic, crystal clear
  • A3-A9 + 1/3 A4
  • own production
  • special formats possible from 50 pieces
  • ideal as stand for inserts "please keep distance"
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Material acrylic
Colour crystal clear

Product Description

Our most popular classic acrylic single sided sign holder. Due to its transparent material, the acrylic L-stand "Classic" is suited for the presentation of product and price information without distracting from your advertising message. You can also use the Acrylic-L stand in public environments or in the health sector. With notes such as "please keep your distance" you point out certain regulations in your company.

Due to its slight inclination to the rear, the Acrylic-L stand is particularly suitable for presentation in shop windows, on your trade fair stand or on tables and counters. The paper insert is simply pushed between the double-sided acrylic pane. Available in standard sizes. This is your go to poster stand!


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Variants Size Orientation Item number Price    
A3 portrait format A3
portrait format
60.0010.1 £ 6.34 view Article »
A7 landscape A7
60.0010.10 £ 1.45 view Article »
⅓ A4 portrait format ⅓ A4
portrait format
60.0010.11 £ 2.20 view Article »
⅓ A4 landscape ⅓ A4
60.0010.12 £ 2.20 view Article »
A8 portrait format A8
portrait format
60.0010.13 £ 1.14 view Article »
A8 landscape A8
60.0010.14 £ 1.14 view Article »
A3 landscape A3
60.0010.2 £ 7.23 view Article »
A9 portrait format A9
portrait format
60.0010.29 £ 1.10 view Article »
A4 portrait format A4
portrait format
60.0010.3 £ 2.64 view Article »
A4 landscape A4
60.0010.4 £ 2.27 view Article »
A5 portrait format A5
portrait format
60.0010.5 £ 1.56 view Article »
A5 landscape A5
60.0010.6 £ 1.32 view Article »
A6 portrait format A6
portrait format
60.0010.7 £ 0.90 view Article »
A6 landscape A6
60.0010.8 £ 1.20 view Article »
A7 portrait format A7
portrait format
60.0010.9 £ 1.45 view Article »
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