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Aluminium Stretch Frame Partition Wall incl. crystal clear PVC Banner

1800 x 2000 mm (W x H)

Item number: 15.0219.147
  • for delimiting different zones and areas
  • aluminium stretch frame on stable base plate
  • with transparent banner (B1 certified)
  • can also be used with printed advertising banner
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Frame material aluminium
Frame colour silver anodised
Size 1800 x 2000 mm (W x H)
Frame width (outer size) 1800 mm
Frame height (outer size) 2000 mm
Frame depth 44 mm
Version incl. transparent PVC banner and 2 angle feet

Product Description

The partition wall in size 1800mm x 2000mm is our largest in this range. The perfect size to use to seperate large areas to keep your area safe. The protective seperation wall consists of an aluminium stretch frame, which stands on two stable base plates with a crystal- clear banner.

Use the banner to ensure that your company are aligned with social distancing rules and appropriately seperating areas to increase safety. The crystal-clear banner ensures that there is always complete visibility. This is particularly advantageous where eye contact is important, such as in the dining room of restaurants. The larger sized parition wall is great for using in gyms as protective screens to place between equipment to help reduce the spread of bacteria and pathogens. 

Likewise, the optical perception of the room is preserved by the transparency and is not negatively changed.

We recommend warm dishwashing detergent solution for cleaning.



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