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Balloons in bright colours, with print if desired

  • circumference approx. 90 cm,
  • ø approx. 30 cm
  • individual single colours or colourful colour mixing
  • advertising possible
  • 1000 pieces per PU


Print / motif to customer specification
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Product Description

Choose our colourful balloons and give your next promotional event an extra portion of cheerfulness!
With our range of colours you have the choice between many attractive single colours or a colourful variety. Choose a colour that reflects your company's CI or use many colourful balloons to draw attention to your anniversary or a special animation programme.
We will be happy to print the balloons with a motif of your choice. Present a balloon with your bank imprint for World Savings Day or announce your anniversary year. Discuss your individual ideas with us!


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Variants Colour Item number  
mid blue mid blue 40.0019.1 view Article »
lavender lavender 40.0019.14 view Article »
pink pink 40.0019.18 view Article »
red red 40.0019.2 view Article »
black black 40.0019.23 view Article »
rose rose 40.0019.28 view Article »
yellow yellow 40.0019.3 view Article »
turquoise turquoise 40.0019.35 view Article »
cocoa brown cocoa brown 40.0019.39 view Article »
bright green bright green 40.0019.4 view Article »
wild pigeon wild pigeon 40.0019.41 view Article »
orange orange 40.0019.5 view Article »
sky blue sky blue 40.0019.50 view Article »
forest green forest green 40.0019.51 view Article »
apple green apple green 40.0019.52 view Article »
ochre ochre 40.0019.53 view Article »
vanilla vanilla 40.0019.54 view Article »
cornflower blue cornflower blue 40.0019.55 view Article »
night blue night blue 40.0019.56 view Article »
leaf green leaf green 40.0019.57 view Article »
prune prune 40.0019.58 view Article »
almond almond 40.0019.59 view Article »
mixed colours mixed colours 40.0019.6 view Article »
bright yellow bright yellow 40.0019.60 view Article »
lime green lime green 40.0019.61 view Article »
royal blue royal blue 40.0019.62 view Article »
white white 40.0019.7 view Article »
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