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barrier post systems

Barrier Posts with Tape, Chain or Cord

With us, you will find the right barrier posts for every occasion. With the cord stands, you can cordon off VIP areas or lead your audience through certain areas. Barrier posts with drawstrings are flexible in length thanks to the extendable belt, allowing you to adapt waiting rooms to your specific needs or to cordon off certain areas or rooms. Our chain barrier posts offer a simple solution for businesses and outdoor areas.

Secure Barrier Post Stands

A easy-to-implement and efficient barrier is required in a variety of locations. Stationary, but also mobile items at the same time, they can ensure more order and security at the place of use. The speed of construction and a high level of stability play a major role in the popularity of these barrier posts, especially at events or in heavily frequented locations. Depending of the different requirements for your barrier system, you will find a variety of different models available within our online shop.

These differ not only in their appearance, but also in their suitability for particular areas. Before deciding on a barrier post system, there are a few things you should think about. In this way, you can narrow down a wide range of products in advance.

Where do you want to use the barriers? What does the environment look like? Is there a particular ambience? Should the barrier posts stand out with a unique look? With special materials or cord stands, you can give the barrier a more upmarket and unique feel.

Should different battier posts be combined with one another? Or do you need a wall clip to attach the tape, cord or chain to the wall? We not only offer various barriers, both also a wide range of accessories to go along with them. Take a further look at suitable upgrades and the perfect high-quality accessories for your barrier posts.

Tensator® Barriers

Do you only want to use the barrier stand indoors or outdoors? The use of these in outdoor areas places additional demands on the respective stand. It also plays a role here, whether the items are used outdoors permanently or only for a short time. Take a further look at the Tensator® barriers on offer.

Check out the Tensator® Barriers »

Tensator® Barriers

Do you only want to use the barrier stand indoors or outdoors? The use of these in outdoor areas places additional demands on the respective stand. It also plays a role here, whether the items are used outdoors permanently or only for a short time. Take a further look at the Tensator® barriers on offer.

Check out the Tensator® Barriers »

Stable Barrier Stands with Tape

Barrier stands are ideal for cordoning off areas quickly and efficiently. They are easy to move around, thanks to their low weight, and the removable posts allow for space-saving storage and compact transport. In this way, articles can be used universally and in many places.

The plastic barrier posts are set on a stable base; the posts have different outlets are various coloured webbing options. Different materials and colours allow for your posts to be adapted to your company or the specific place of use. The tape, in your colour of choice, can be attached to other barrier posts or to a wall clip.

The simple attachment of the foldable barrier posts enables barriers to be quickly and easily adjusted. Whether utilised to cordon off entryways, create lanes within queues or for sectioning off areas at events, they can be adapted to the respective situation at incredibly short notice. If occupancy significantly increases, you can also swiftly adjust your barrier system to deal with that sudden influx.

To adjust the barrier, all you have to do is unhook the webbing and connect it to the next barrier stand. There are models available with various strap lengths and different numbers of extensions. Depending on the barrier post, a barrier can only be implemented either indoor or outdoors. A fillable stand is recommended for outdoor use in order to withstand strong winds.

Barrier Stands with Cord

Cord lock stands have the essential properties of a classic barrier stand with webbing. In addition, they catch the eye with their high-quality design, which is ideal for special occasions or certain industries. Not only thee barrier stand itself, but the cord tape is also made from high-quality materials.

This type of barrier is set on a cord post made of aluminium, stainless steel or metal. Thanks to its chrome, brass or silver look, it fits in perfectly within almost any atmosphere. The classic belt strap is replaced here by a barrier cord; the cords are made from polypropylene or velvet. In contrast to the tightly tensioned belt, cords have a striking curve.

Like the webbing, the cords are available in many colours. By choosing the colours of the stand and cord yourself, you can create a unique barrier system for your business. This can also be done according to the facility, event or business design.

At each end, the cord has a hook with which it can be hooked onto the barrier post. Here too, the barrier can be easily adjusted at any time. With the help of the cord barrier stands, entrances, queues and stock can be cordoned off.

Posts with Red and White Cordon Chains

Chain barrier posts are made up of plastic barrier posts that are connected with chains. As a result, they are particularly noticeable due to their classic colour scheme in black and yellow or red and white. The coloured chains can be quickly hooked into the posts of the same colour to shut off an area. The posts have two eyelets at the top of the barrier posts for this specific purpose.

These sturdy posts are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The feet can also be filled with sand for additional stability. The chain stand is ideal for use as a guidance system for queues or one-way systems, or to deny access to certain areas. Opt for a red and white or yellow and black chain post.

Due to the striking colours, the barrier is clearly visible from afar. Both the posts and the chains are available in different colours. Use the barrier posts with chains as an effective barrier in an indoor or outdoor area.

Visually Adaptable to Your Company

Easily Transportable

Can Be Used in a Variety of Places

Mobile Barrier Posts for Every Area of Application

A big advantage of the barrier stands is their mobility. They can be used anywhere, quickly and flexibly, as an efficient barrier. Regardless of whether it is a post with chains, tape or cord, the individual barriers can be modified immediately. To do this, the drawstring cord or chain is simply turned over.

The increased mobility of these items allows for the use of the barrier stands not only in the business' operating location, but also at events, exhibitions and trade fairs. The compact and easy transport of individual models is an advantage here. Once at the place of use, removable posts can be quickly attached to the respective foot. Then simply pull the drawstring and your barrier is in place.

You already know of the various areas in which barrier posts can be utilised; at airports you can guide the queue at check-in or boarding, at concerts and events you can use the barriers to trade the entrance or security areas... and these are just a couple of the hundreds of uses for these products! A barrier is also extremely practical, especially for the popular Click & Collect concepts.

Barriers for Click & Collect

As a result of the pandemic, the Click & Collect concepts began booming even more in many places. The implementation of these concepts often requires additional organisation and equipment in terms of traditional retail. This equipment also includes barrier posts, depending on the industry and shop size.

With Click & Collect, the customer picks up the goods that have already been ordered from the store. This can be ordered in advance on the phone, through email or online. 

The posts can not only be used to cordon off sales areas that customers are not allowed to enter, but they also facilitate the clear and structured management of queues and entry points. Instead of pointing out the exact direction of travel and hygiene measures to customers more often, you can prevent this with appropriate equipment.

For many types of businesses, it is not uncommon for customers to queue in pedestrian zones. Precise tracking with barriers avoids customers standing in the way of passers-by, ensuring a smoother flow of traffic into and around your store. In combination, floor stickers can also ensure that the necessary minimum distances are observed at all times.

The various barriers on offer do not only have to be used during the pandemic, they also have many other uses and can become a long-term part of your business or shop equipment. Take a further look at the use of barrier posts and expand your shop equipment range with our high-quality models.

Upgrade with a Disinfectant Dispenser


Upgrade with Snap Frames


Upgrade with a Brochure Stand

Easily Upgrade Your Barrier Posts

Have you spotted a suitable barrier post for your specific needs? In addition, you have the option of expanding your barrier system further with the use of suitable accessories. By attaching our upgrades for barrier posts, the items can not only be used as just barriers. The accessories can enable 2-in-1 use in order to increase the service for customers or the quality of your equipment.

Also, you're able to save more space with the converted barrier stand. Instead of utilising several item, you only need to set up the barrier stand with the upgrade. This ensures a clean image in the sales rooms, at trade fairs or in public facilities. Overally, the functionality of the barrier stands will be increased significantly with the use of accessories.

Thanks to the simple assembly, the upgrades are quickly attached to the respective barrier. Choose between various snap frames, brochure holders or disinfectant dispensers as a functional extension. In this way, you ensure improved hygiene within your premises, or can present posters or flyers directly to customers.

A disinfectant dispenser gives your customers and visitors the option of effective hand disinfection; the automatic dispenser on offer ensures your customers receive contactless disinfection. You can then choose to offer hand disinfection in queues or maybe directly at the entrance area. The dispenser is also at a comfortable height when it is mounted on the barrier post.

Snap frames and brochure dispensers can additionally be used on the barrier posts to pass on additional information or to expose customers to advertising materials. These displays are quickly equipped with your print media and present your content effectively to each individual.

With the help of these accessories, posters and brochures can easily be displayed. You can of course find our accessories in various standard DIN formats to suit your exact requirements. Check out our range and discover the perfect barrier post accessory upgrades today!

Ensure More Security & Order!

As you can see, we offer a wide range of barrier posts in various versions, suitable for a multitude of different uses. The individual models can be modified by a large selection of colours and specifically adapted to your company. In addition, we can print on some of the tapes for you, for example, to display a logo.

The classic barrier posts with tape are the most popular style we have on offer, however, barrier posts with chains or cords offer you many advantages in different areas of application too. While the cord posts impress with their upscale design, the chain barrier posts are a great robust choice.

Barrier tapes or bars are also used as additional barriers. The practical and stable accessories are indispensable when it comes to outdoor use or major events. You can use red and white barrier tape, among other things, to cordon off areas at short notice, in a clearly visible manner.

Find the perfect barrier post for your company today. We would be happy to help you find the right model for your use. You can also learn more about the options available for customisation. Finally, you can also equip your barrier post with suitable accessories.
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