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Bars & Pubs

Point of Sale Equipment & Sales Promotion for Bars & Pubs

From displaying your drink offers to organising your wine bottles, there are many point of sale (POS) display products available for your bar or pub. By incorporating the following POS display techniques, you can enhance your displays and visual medians within your business. The following Bar & Pubs industry guide explains how this can be achieved.
How can I display products around my bar?
Here at VKF Renzel, we offer many different options for you to create an organised and eye-catching back bar display. Your customers must be able to see the drinks that you are offering and our Acrylic Display Steps are perfect for displaying your top new drinks, such as flavoured gins or limited-edition cocktails. Our Plinth Set also enables you to create a more eye-catching drinks display. When it comes to bottles of wine, these need to be clearly displayed to increase sales, so we recommend using our Wall Mounted Wine Bottle Stand to showcase this. The use of Bottle Wires and Bottle Stands are always a great way of displaying your products.

Do you offer indulgent treats on your bars and counters? 
Customers love freshly baked goods, so if you offer them ensure that they are kept clean. The 4-Tier Acrylic Display and spit screen offers a large display area for your confectionery and features hinged access doors to keep your items clean and safe. Made from food-safe acrylic, the cabinet is a great way to show off your baked goods as the acrylic is completely crystal clear and won't detract from any item on display.
Wine Bottle POS Holders
How can I display products around my bar?
For an affordable POS display product, we recommend the use of click frames. Click Frames are an easy way to display posters with a straightforward way of replacing posters. Click frames/snap frames can be placed virtually anywhere and particularly inn pubs & restaurants, we recommend placing click frames in popular areas such as toilets and washrooms. Place on the back of toilet doors (as customers are guaranteed to look at these) or above sinks to increase visibility to customers. Table Top Chalkboards are also a great way of displaying on offers and notices on your bar. At eye-level with your customers, they are bound to grab attention.

Outdoor Advertising

Entice your customers to enter your bar or restaurant with Outdoor Advertising. Customers love a good bargain, so make sure to showcase and advertise your current offers or special events. Use Chalkboard A-Boards on pavements outside to create easily changeable messages and offers. We also offer many Weather-Resistant A-Boards that can withstand the joys of the English winter season. 
Give your customers a preview of what they can expect to find inside your bar or pub.

Also consider making use of our Wall Mounted Poster Displays. The silver anodised aluminium frames are weather resistant and have a lockable feature to keep your posters secure. We also offer Poster Frames with LED Lighting to ensure that your customers can read your menus! These are very popular to display outside your entrance.

Table Top Point of Sale Displays

Tabletop displays are a great way to not only increase sales, but also increase conversation around your business. Make use of our Single Sided Menu & Poster Holders to advertise specific menu specials. Made from clear acrylic, all of our menu displays can be quickly and easily updated when required by simply sliding in new posters. We offer all of our tabletop signs in various sizes. 

In busier times, your customers will want to reserve tables, so ensure that you have clear signage letting customers know which tables are in use with our Reserved Signs. Alternatively, you can also use Chalkboards to create personalised reserved signs. 

Hygiene Safety

To ensure excellent hygiene is carried out, we supply a variety of high-quality hygienic POS products that you can utilise within your business. Sneeze Guards are great at your tills & bar areas where there is constant contact with customers; we offer free-standing sneeze guards/spit shields, as well as ceiling suspension screens. Furthermore, we recommend operating a one-way system around your premises where possible to ensure there is minimal contact between customers - Floor Stickers are a great way to achieve this and remind customers of safety measures in place. 

Welcoming many people into your business can increase the risk of germs and viruses being bought in. To avoid this, our Professional Silent Air Purifier is the perfect solution. The professional room air purifier with 3 filter levels removes aerosols, bacteria, pollen, and viruses from the air. The air filter, trimmed for high performance, cleans up to 1062 m³ of air per hour and is therefore particularly suitable for large rooms with high footfall. Make your customers feel safe in your environment.
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