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Are Poster Pockets This Year’s Best-Selling Marketing Accessory?

When you look at the broad world of marketing, there are a huge array of options to choose from, whether that’s digital or traditional marketing. It is important to use the correct format to appeal to you desired audience. For example, a digital campaign will be useless if your audience aren’t digitally active. It should quickly become apparent that there are countless avenues that you can elect to go down to help publicise your company.

Some businesses will advocate that unless there is some type of technology integrated into your strategy, you are doomed to fail - here at VKF Renzel, we couldn’t disagree more. We acknowledge the importance of digital technology but it’s not the “be-all and end-all”. Case-in-point, poster pockets of varying sizes can be deployed to great effect. If you want to better understand the impact that these can have on your business, then feel free to read over our elaboration down below.

What’s so great about our poster pockets? - they highlight your marketing literature, making them stand out in any environment, plus they’re affordable for all types of business and are effective tools for promotion and boosting a business’ profile. Another key feature of our poster pockets is that they can be used anywhere. They are great as permanent features in showrooms or used in shop windows, but they are also great for tradeshows and events, as they assist in spreading your desired messages to prospects and customers.

Read through this blog for the great uses and features of our poster pockets.

Excellent Authenticity

With so many different competitors to set yourself against (in all industries!), it is no surprise that it is becoming increasingly harder to stand out to your audience. Companies advertise for many reasons, but one of the main factors is to stand out from their competitors. After all, your competitors will sell very similar products/services to you – that is why they are your competitor. As a savvy business owner, it is your duty to emphasise to your audience why your brand/products/services are superior to other businesses. Highlighting your unique selling points are essential to remaining a successful, competitive business.

All the tools and assets help build your reputation as an authentic brand. Without posters, marketing or a website to identify you, how can a potential customer be expected to trust you? It is the duty of a business to build their authenticity and brand to generate trust from consumers. The use of poster pockets and posters are just a small way in making your brand more authentic, not to mention more professional looking.

You should not take the impact that posters can have on your credibility for granted - these will quickly facilitate a boost in your reputation. It does not matter if you decide to keep your designs simple, or if you think that a large amount of text is the best course-of-action to take - the results will do the talking.

Affordable Investment

What is so fantastic about our poster pockets is that it is a great marketing tool whilst still being available at an affordable price. Here at VKF Renzel, we understand that many of our customers have different budgets for their marketing teams. Our poster pockets are designed to be used by any company as they are priced at such a fair price.

Comparing the price of our poster pockets to other forms of POS products and displays, they are significantly more affordable. Our poster pockets are a handy tool to implement into any marketing strategy. As opposed to the aforementioned options, posters will not put an excessively-large dent in your bank account, yet they will also provide you with the opportunity to greatly improve your exposure. 

Create a Bond

One of the biggest drawbacks associated with modern marketing techniques is that they are rather removed; by this, we mean to say that they do not do much in the way of establishing a connection between the company and consumer. The same cannot be said for well thought-out posters. These can be loaded with brand-specific logos and slogans, which your audience can immediately associate with you. The longer you decide to utilise posters, the better the outcome. You can be rest assured that when you attract new customers, they will cite your posters as being an influential reason for them visiting you.

So, What Poster Pockets Do We Have on Offer?

We have several different types of poster pockets which are designed for various uses.

Window Poster Holders are used to effectively display posters in windows. These can be used in any environment, but are most effective in locations with a high footfall, such as the high street. Insert sizes range from A1 all the way to A7, so that you can have the displaying space right for you. And with prices starting from just under £1, you know this is affordable marketing that the majority of companies can take advantage of.

Our Acrylic Poster Pocket “Basic” hangs from the ceiling displaying posters at an eye-catching height. As it hangs, it takes up minimal room and no floor space making it an ideal option for smaller office environments. These are available in portrait or landscape so that we can suit the needs of all of our customers.

We also have smaller poster pockets available that can be used for identifying or as sales tags. These smaller pockets can be used in any business environment. They allow customers to identify products, as well as see useful information displayed on them. For example, Price Pockets can easily be attached to a product so customers can identify prices, specifications and information on that particular product. Our smaller poster pockets come at great value as they are only available to bulk buy.

This is just a handful of what we have on offer in our poster pocket range. Feel free to browse through our entire range here on our website.

Looking For Some Help?

Whether you are searching for ways in which to entice new customers to your retail establishment, or you think that the time has come to generate interest in a new line of products, it is clear that poster pockets and poster holders have an important role to play. Despite modern alternatives that can be found, these are certainly still relevant and affordable. To gain publicity about particular shopping experiences that you can offer your audience, you need to make sure that you take advantage of the best possible materials and accessories.

If you believe that these products are a good fit for your company, our team would be happy to assist. If you fancy a browse of what we offer, then feel free to check out our website. Here, you will find our catalogue, which consists solely of first-class products, and we would love to have the opportunity to help you.
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