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Pop Up Displays

The Benefits of Pop-Up Displays

Many retailers will have a range of display stands in their premises in an effort to market particular products or services. These would typically be permanent display solutions, such as a mannequins displaying clothes, or illuminated walls for big, bold advertising. These solutions are incredibly useful, but they do have one major drawback. These products are not particularly mobile and easy to transport; as reliable and important it is to have permanent display stands, to promote a business, it is frustrating at the lack mobility.

In some industries, this will be a major drawback. Many industries need equipment that is easy to transport as they need to go to a range of events and tradeshows. Without equipment, it is much harder for a business to promote itself. It goes without saying that without promotional tools and equipment, you wouldn’t be able to sell your products, which is fundamental to a business’ success.

Our pop-up displays are the perfect solution for big marketing and promotion on the go. The great thing about our pop-up display is that when it is fully open, it has an enormous display space. These products allow users to display BIG, with these products acting as backing walls. They are easy to construct and deconstruct – without the need for tools or equipment. Once it is deconstructed, it is a compact and easy to transport.

Read this weeks blog to find out more information on our pop-up displays.

Light and Portable

As mentioned above, the majority of display stands are fixed in place as a permanent solution or are simply too heavy to move on your own. Whilst this isn’t a problem in most circumstances, you may find that you need a versatile display unit that can be used in a multitude of environments.

Thankfully, pop-up displays are designed to be moved around regularly. Whilst being sturdy and safe when assembled, you can move them without professional assistance, making it so much easier for displaying on the go. These units are durable, yet still light and easy to move around.

What is also great about pop-up displays is that they come with a transportation bag. This makes them incredibly easy to transport to events or tradeshows. It also makes it easier to store away in a place of work. Due to the compact storage, they are easy to transport in large cars and vans – which is ideal for the travelling sales person too. 

Incredibly Versatile

Pop-up displays come in such a huge range of shapes and sizes, which allows our customers to select the right pop-up for them. For example, we have curved or straight pop-up displays for different styles. We have a range of sizes available, which can be combined to create specific backdrops.

What is so versatile about pop-up displays is that they don't require any tools or equipment to construct. Additionally, despite its large scale, it only requires one person for assembly. There are no Allen keys, screws, bolts etc. with this product. Our pop-up displays are all about mobile, fast and BIG displaying.

Easy to Assemble and Store

As the name suggests, pop-up displays quite literally POP up. They are so incredibly simple to assemble and you can easily train all of your staff to use them. Knowing that they can be assembled quickly and easily whenever they are required, provides you with additional peace of mind at busy times. They can quickly be implemented at any event.

What is also brilliant about our pop-up displays is that they can be used again and again due to their interchangeable graphics. Whether it's fabric or magnetic strips, the graphics can be replaced, whilst not having to replace the hardware. This allows you to change the content you’re advertising without having to purchase an entirely new unit. Also, our fabric pop-up banners are machine washable, meaning if they are ever in need of a clean, the issue can easily be rectified. Furthermore, the textile print is B1 certified, meaning that it is flame resistant. Therefore, if there ever was an accident or emergency, there is less risk of issues occurring.

Investing in Pop-Up Displays Today

Pop-up displays allow users to have displays ready for portable displaying on the go. Having additional mobile displays stands will stop you from being limited when it comes to creating eye-catching displays, whether its in-store, in a showroom or at an exhibition event. These can quickly be implemented throughout your store, allowing you to keep things fresh at all times.

If you’re searching for somewhere to purchase pop-up displays, visit the VKF Renzel website today. All of our products are made for commercial use and built to last, so you can trust that any pop-up displays you purchase from VKF Renzel will be useful for many years to come.

Feel free to contact our team via our email at or alternatively call 01527 878311 to talk to one of our friendly sales members - they'll be happy to assist you with your enquiry.
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