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Office Equipment That Your Company Cannot Do Without

Within the world of business, there are some items which deserve their title as being ‘essential’. Without these products, you would find it incredibly difficult to operate in a proficient manner within your office space. From protective screens to noticeboards this blog post will discuss equipment that can positively benefit your employees. For those of you that need these to be highlighted in greater detail, VKF Renzel will have no issues in doing so.

Spit Screen

Offices spaces can be a range of sizes. Regardless of office space, your employees may feel more comfortable if on their return there is adequate social distance measures in place. At VKF Renzel, we have a range of protective screens which can be utilised as divider screens, sneeze guards and spit guards. All our protective screens are made from high quality materials which reduce the spread of any harmful bacteria. Check out our glass hygieneic screen that can be clamped onto desks. If your office has a reception area we recommend using our ceiling parition wall with transparent banner.

Name Badges

Whilst the reason for these may be relatively self-explanatory, we still believe it is important to explore their function in greater detail. Being able to interact in a personable fashion with your customers is imperative - this is how you can easily be able to secure repeat business for your firm. In order to make this a reality, you might wish to invest in name badges, as this makes your workforce significantly more approachable. Has your business expanded during the pandemic? There may be new employees to welcome into your establishments, the use of name tags would make the process of learning names a lot easier.


Though they are relatively simple in their design, lockers have, for many years, played a key role in many office blocks up-and-down the country. These storage solutions are excellent, and this is mainly down to the fact that they are extremely versatile pieces of equipment and help to ensure the safety of office equipment. In some circumstances, they can be used for employees to keep their personal belongings in during standard working hours, therefore keeping them well protected. A more innovative use might be to deploy them as a display case, if you are trying to demonstrate a slightly quirkier side. Our Locker Cabinet "Twin" can be stacked and combined to create a variety of storage lockers.

Informational Signs & Notice Boards

No matter where you work, having a vast array of signs to call upon is never a bad thing. These could, for instance, serve to direct people towards the closest fire escape; in more minor terms, they could simply highlight the fact that there is a wet floor, due to recent cleaning. These are by no means considered to be the flashiest products to spend money on; that being said, from a functional point of view they are unparalleled.
With the right display cases and noticeboards your employees can stay up to date with any important information. Display Cases are a great way to advertise any upcoming office events, employee achievements or even canteen menus. At VKF Renzel, we have a wide range of noticeboards including premium displays with lock options and LED display cases.

Get In Touch

Are you looking to source protective products which are available in custom sizes, and can be used to benefit both your employees and your customers? Would you like to improve your base of operations’ emergency exit strategy, by implementing clear and concise signs in areas of heavy traffic? Should either of these scenarios sound vaguely familiar, there is no doubt in our mind that VKF Renzel is the company for you.
From sneeze screens to name badges, food guards to packaging materials - the possibilities are seemingly endless when you collaborate with us. Please note that if you wish to learn any more about the products that have been mentioned above, it is incredibly easy to get into contact with our support team. Either write us a message at, or ring us on 01527 878311, and we will be sure to provide you with a prompt and insightful response.
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