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Facial Masks and Shields: The Protective Equipment Your Business needs

Despite the majority of the UK being vaccinated and far less susceptible to hospitalization, this is not the time to start becoming complacent. This is an aggressive virus, and one that has shown itself to be incredibly damaging in a multitude of ways. Not only has it spread rapidly, it has brough businesses and countries to complete stand stills. As business owners, you have a duty of care - this is particularly true when you consider how important it is to protect your employees and customers. Personal protective equipment, or PPE, has a vital role to play, with face shields being a prime example. Below, you can find VKF Renzel’s take on the reasons why it is still important to have face coverings in any face-to-face working environment.

Gives Customers & Employees Confidence
When you are looking to bring-in new customers, you can expect them to be a little wary about putting their faith into a previously-unknown company. Furthermore, it is important to reassure your employees. They need to know that the environment they are working within is safe. An easy way in which to address this particular problem is by providing mask use and folding face shields. This will immediately demonstrate that your firm wants to create a welcoming atmosphere. We have disposable masks on offer for consistent use and many varied permanent masks for repeated employee use. This is why it is important to provide some sort of face covering in your workspace. The new confidence that your customers and employees have in you will not go unnoticed.

Safe Environment
Any sort of face covering will help to keep your employees and customers safer during the working day. The fact of the matter is that you cannot completely protect people from the virus, but you can do your part by decreasing the likelihood of transmission which will reduce risk. By having your staff members wear masks during their shifts, you can, at the very least, try and limit the possibility of them being infected. Although they may not be the most stylish accessory in the world, they are certainly incredibly effective. Any customers visiting your place of work will be reassured in knowing you have forms of protection against the virus.

Cheap Purchase
Since we first expanded our hygiene and safety, face mask designs have changed considerably – several tweaks have been made so that they are more comfortable for users, meaning that they don’t dig into the wearer’s face. However, these changes have not seen the effectiveness of these products differ. When you consider the overall impact that these can have, it is no-wonder that face masks are so readily available within most businesses across the UK.  

Alternative Options on offer
If you believe that you are already well-stocked with facial masks and equipment, there is no-need to turn your back on VKF Renzels hygiene and safety supplies; there are plenty of protective products on offer, each of which ready-and-waiting to help you and your business. Sanitiser dispensers, for instance, can be placed throughout your establishment, thereby helping you to reduce the chance of transmission. Alternatively, Air purifiers are an excellent investment, as they work to benefit both your staff and your customers day-after-day.

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Throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, it has been advised that whilst being in public spaces, you should try and wear face protection. Even as vaccinations have become more widely available, it is advised to cover your face to hinder and decrease the likelihood of spreading COVID-19. Many consumers have begun to believe that masks and folding face shields can be left at home. Here at VKF Renzel, however, we hold the view that PPE still remains incredibly important. Should you be worried about shortages of PPE, you will be pleased to hear that we have various products that come from this particular department. Whichever type of face covering you may desire, whether it’s a visor, mask or any other Covid Safe product, we can accommodate. When you invest in our units, you have the opportunity to protect yourself, and your employees, from this harmful virus. Give us a call on 01527 878311 and you can to chat to our support team about our incredible catalogue. Alternatively, email our team at for an answer to your enquiries.
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