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Highlighting the Cleaning Products That Are Now Considered to Be Essential

Whilst you may have thought in the past that your cleaning routines were up to scratch, the likelihood is that the pandemic forced you to go back to the drawing board. Thankfully, there are various products available on the market that can help you to reduce the impact that these events have on your business. If you would like to familiarise yourself with the options that are now thought to be essential, we suggest taking a glance at the list below, compiled by the excellent VKF Renzel representatives.

Disinfectant Dispenser

Should you have walked into just about any supermarket in recent months, you may have noticed the presence of a Disinfectant Dispenser at the doors - this is no coincidence. For those of you that work in the retail sector and have customers routinely come in and take things manually from the shelves, this could be a worthwhile investment. With this, you can look to create a sterile environment; in tandem with the other measures at your disposal, the atmosphere will certainly improve. Disinfectant dispensers are also great to place near items such as shopping baskets or trolleys. This will allow a member of your staff or customer to disinfectant the equipment before use.

Disposable Masks

If you want to be seen to be adhering to the government guidelines, and help to be part of the solution when it comes to preventing transmission of the coronavirus, it is vitally important that you stock up on disposable Face Coverings. Whether you wish for these to be mouth visors or face shields, the final result will be the same - it will reduce the chance of infected particles being passed from one individual to another. The knock-on effect is that you will be able to instill confidence in your community and allow your employees to feel safe in the workplace.

Hygiene Screens

Spit protection screens are an essential piece of safety equipment in many retail stores where there are high volumes of close contact for example at checkout areas. At VKF Renzel, we make the highest quality sneeze guards, spit screens and checkout screens here in the UK with fast delivery. We have a variety of sizes to suit your area of need made from crystal clear acrylic to ensure there are no visibility defects. If you have fresh food on display in your store, then we highly recommend our protective screens to decrease bacteria reaching your food. We have a large variety of sneeze guards made for food counters and displays.

For those of you whose professions cannot be moved from traditional offices to remote working conditions, the chances are that you will welcome a Hygiene Screen with open arms. They are particularly useful for companies that are not blessed with an abundance of space, and have been finding it difficult to find a layout that works for all of their employees. When combined with the two metre social distancing regulations that are currently being enforced, what you are left with is a solution that certainly limits the possibility of coronavirus contaminations.

Air Purifier

Admittedly, this is a piece of equipment that is only a viable investment opportunity for those businesses that have access to a larger budget. That being said, should you fall into that category, we strongly advise you to look into the possibility of purchasing an Air Purifier. As you would expect, the primary function of this is to recycle and clean air on a regular basis. Never again will you allow the air within your establishment to become stale. Not only this, but coronavirus cells will be destroyed in an efficient manner.

Looking at Our Services

If you are someone who is planning for the reopening of their business and would like to ensure that you have enough mouth shields for your staff, enough protective screens set up & sufficient disinfectant dispensers in your establishment, you can be sure that VKF Renzel can satisfy your needs. Over the past twelve months, we have dedicated ourselves to acting as a retailer for first-class medical equipment, particularly for the hospitality and retail sectors, to name a few. When it comes to fighting this pandemic, we believe that we have a duty to play and we would be elated if you were to put your faith in us.

Are any of the products mentioned above of interest to you? If so, you might like to speak to a member of our team on 01527 878311, and look into the prospect of placing an order.
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