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5 Reasons Why Your In-Store Retail Displays May Not Be Working

One of the major differences between brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retail is being able to physically show off your stock and enable your customers to interact with the items that you sell. In-store retail displays are the best way for you to draw attention to your merchandise and encourage your customers to make a purchase.

On the surface, in-store displays may seem simple and predictable; set them up, stock them and watch shoppers head straight towards them, however, it isn’t always this straightforward. Despite the opportunity that retail displays provide, they are sometimes overlooked and aren’t always used to the best of their ability.

Therefore, the experienced team here at VKF Renzel have put together five of our main reasons as to why your in-store retail displays might not be working, along with quick and easy ways that you can improve them to help boost your sales!

1.  Displays Can Gets Lost in The Store

2. Stocking The Displays with The Wrong Products

It’s no good having an amazing retail display if it’s hidden by larger and more distracting displays. Whether you’re a large or small shop, having lots of extravagant displays is too much for the store, it becomes overwhelming and they essentially begin to lose their effectiveness.

Try not to have too many large display stands in your store and ensure that they are never placed right next to each other. Make sure that every display has a purpose and that the purpose is clear to your visitors. The whole point of a display is to show off and draw attention to a particular product; if you are trying to show off everything in-store, then it defeats the object.
Never just throw anything on a display stand, you need to think carefully about the products that you use. It isn’t uncommon to see nearby display stands stocked with competing products, which can be confusing and will be blocking the chance of making further sales.

The best way to ensure your display stands are eye-catching is to use best sellers, new items or products that are on special offer. Try and stock the stands with products that work well together, yet aren’t competing with each other. For instance, we recommend not to display two different brands with the same shade of lipstick, make the display up with one brand, but include various shades. Or perhaps consider showcasing two products that complement one another e.g. strawberries and cream; your customer may have only set out to purchase one of these two items, but seeing the two together may end up persuading them to purchase both.

3.   Too Much Merchandise on The Displays

4. The Displays Are Never Kept Tidy

If you are overloading your display stands, then your customers will never be able to find what it is they are looking for. It is completely impractical from a consumers’ point of view as cluttering the stands make them look messy and could increase the possibility of damaged items.

Pick specific items, and only a few of them. These items need to catch the consumers eye so make sure that they are visible and clearly displayed. If you’re worried about stock running low or if you need to get rid of excess stock then just make sure that someone is always on hand to re-stock or use a Display Basket or Dump Bin rather than a display stand; they are often a better solution, especially when trying to clear out the final stock of a certain item.
There is nothing worse than a display stand that looks like a jumble sale. Your customers won’t even bother trying to look through the items that you’re offering. It will also have a very negative impact on what people will think about your brand as a whole.

Think carefully about the items that you choose to display and make sure that they can be tidied up easily and quickly by any member of staff that may be walking past. You can also use tools such as small Acrylic Shelf Dividers to help keep things in place. Remember, not overloading the display will also help with keeping it tidy.

The Displays Are Boring

Shop our product range suitable for your Displays

Finally, it is important to ensure that your displays are not boring. When your customers consistently walk straight past a retail display without giving it so much of a glance, it simply isn’t doing the job. Display stands become completely pointless when they look dull and as result, you might as well not have them in your store.

Be creative and show off your brand’s personality. A top tip would be to give every stand a unique theme, this can be your creative base. Then build your colours, shapes, props and products around these themes. It is a guaranteed way to make your displays interesting and fun. Then when your displays need changing, simply pick a new theme.

How VKF Renzel Can Help

Now you have some additional information on how to make your existing display stands more effective, you can go ahead and start making these simple in-store changes. If you require any fixtures, fittings or display equipment to help you transform your existing displays then visit the VKF Renzel website today. You will be able to find everything you need for your new displays in one place.
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