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Could Your Company Benefit from Using Marketing Flags?

Flags are an excellent way to market something – such as a product, promotion or a brand. They are appropriate for use both indoors and outdoors making them highly versatile. They stand tall and are one of the most traditional forms of advertising that we offer. They are primarily designed for outdoor use but can still be used effectively indoors. Being tall displays, they are easy to spot from a far distance.

You can find many businesses utilising Flags to market themselves. Here at VKF Renzel, we fully endorse this way of thinking; if you need convincing of the benefits that are associated with Flag use, look no further. This Blog is our introduction to the benefits of using Flags in a business environment and which specific Flag might be best suited for your business.

We can offer a lightweight portable solution such as our Beach Flags or Outdoor Flags. These are ideal for use at various events and are easily portable. Alternatively, you may wish to opt in for a more permanent solution. We offer a range of Flag poles that can remain in place via a ground sleeve for consistent advertising. You may have seen these used at businesses such as car dealerships or department stores.  

Fully Customisable

The first thing that you need to be aware of, in relation to Flags, is that you can have specialised print for you Flags. They are free to be customised as you see fit, best used for self-promotion or for promoting products. Whether it’s a logo, pattern or a completely unique design – we can accommodate for our customers. This service that we provide to our customers gives our cliental a great degree of creative freedom.

Some firms prefer to try and keep things subtle, in which case they may simply opt in to have their branding, coloring and logo on their flag. Others may wish to be more informative with their products, hence why they print slogans and offers. Regardless of which you think is best, the results will speak for themselves. Whatever you might need in your Flag print, we can accommodate for you.

Low Maintenance

Provided that you have the necessary tools at your disposal, you will find that once you have installed your Flag at your destination of choice, there is very little to be done in the way of maintenance. In order to try and keep them in place, we suggest investing in clamp stands, as these will enable them to withstand high levels of wind. The easy-nature of these products is something which we know is incredibly appealing to our customers.

Transport With Ease

You may elect to have a number of Flags made-up for when you are going to a corporate exhibition, or a similar type of tradeshow. Though you might not realise it, these products can be folded up in a matter of seconds, making them highly portable and easy to transport. Flags are very easy, simple units to construct/deconstruct. This makes them incredibly users friendly, ensuring business owners can trust their employees with the intuitive construction process of our Flags.

Rather than having to fiddle around trying to deconstruct large display stands, we suggest introducing these into your set-ups; quick and simple building will allow you to divert your efforts into marketing your business, products and more!

Vast Exposure

One of the fundamental reasons you should start integrating Flags into your marketing strategy, is the fact that they can enable you to reach a greater number of people. With several of our Flags sitting above head height, they are easy to see and attract a wide amount of attention.

Instead of limiting yourself to a small area, these can be placed far-and-wide to great effect. Despite their size, Desktop Flags are a brilliant way to focus your marketing efforts. They are a great little display piece or fantastic promotional items to give to cliental as giveaway items.

Fabric material

Being made of fabric this product is machine washable meaning you can use a graphic again and again. Additionally, these means the unit is interchangeable and you can keep the hardware but replace the graphic whenever need. This makes this product truly versatile.

Flag Accessories

We also provide a wide array of accessories. This is so your Flags can be used wherever needed. For example, our water bag for beach Flags ensures your Flag is weighted down and will stay standing in outdoor environments. We also have our moving “Beachflag” for on the go advertising via the use of a lightweight backpack with a Flag attachment.  

VKF Renzel - Here to Help

Are you trying to incorporate different marketing strategies into your existing set-up, but are currently at-odds regarding which is best-suited to your firm? Would you like to purchase beach flags in the UK which, instead of being erected upon a lifeguarded beach, are scattered throughout your local area? Should these scenarios sound familiar to you, the chances are that you would be an ideal candidate for soliciting the services of VKF Renzel.

Our products are high-quality pieces of equipment that are fantastic from an advertising perspective. If you believe that you would be well-served by our products, and wish to take the first steps on your journey with us, there are few ways that you can get in touch. For informal queries, we ask that you call us directly on 01527 878311; if the matter is more complex, feel free to send us an email at
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