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How to increase sales with Display Stands

How To Increase Sales With Display Stands 

Simply put, a display stand is an advertising tool that is used frequently in retail. From a functional perspective, a display stand should hold your stock and grab the attention of customers. Your display stands have a direct impact on your product sales and when at their most effective they can dramatically increase your revenue. 

Display stands include everything from pavement signs and window displays to mannequins and dump bins. These days, they come in such a huge range of shapes and sizes, they can be incredibly creative and really, the possibilities are endless in this regard. If you’re looking to get the most out of your display stands and increase your sales through this effective advertising tool, keep reading. 

Use a variety of stands 

Without even realising, you probably already use numerous different display stands in store. Whilst you don’t want to overload your store with big bulky stands, you do want to make sure that you have enough room on your stands to display your products well. 

Using a variety of stands can provide you with the space you need without making your store look basic. Try to change things up a little bit and use a combination of displays that work well for your products and your customers. Do some research and see which stands seem to get the most attention and which seem to be overlooked. Use this information to help you with your visual merchandising in the future. 

Ensure your display is clear 

There are certain things that will frustrate your customers and prevent them from purchasing from you. Not having clear display stands is one of them. If you have multiple items on one stand and it isn’t clear which price is related to each item it is less likely that you will sell these products.

No matter where in your store the display is or which stand you’re using, whether it is a POS display near the till area such as clip strips or a tabletop display stand in the centre, your pricing should always be clear. Make sure that your customers can easily distinguish between items and clearly see how much they cost. The same goes for any offers and discounts that you have in store, the more obvious the offer, the more people will purchase the product. 

Less is always more 

Sometimes if you have a lot of stock it may be tempting to overload your display stands to try and get it all out but, this almost always works against you. Not only will your display look cluttered and untidy, but it also makes customers question your products.

Always make sure that your displays have just enough stock on them to look full and tidy but don’t overfill them, even if it is a display like a dump bin. When creating your displays, be careful about what products you put on the stand too. For example, cross-merchandising is a great tactic but, if it isn’t used correctly it will make your displays look cluttered and random. As far as your display stands are concerned, less is always more. 

Ensuring your display stands are effective 

Using the tips mentioned above, you can ensure that you are increasing your sales through your display stands. It is so incredibly easy to do and you can even make some small changes today. You can trust that the time and money that you put into your display stands will all be beneficial when they are optimized correctly. Take a look at your display stands now and see what changes you can make.

If you’re looking to purchase some new display stands for your products visit the VKF Renzel website. We specialise in retail display fixtures and fittings and have such a huge range of items that can help you create the perfect displays in your store. Whether you’re looking for some new point of sale display stands and price display stands or you need some pavement signs and showcases, you can rely on VKF Renzel to have everything you need. 
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