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POS Merchandising Tips for Christmas

Merchandising Tips For Christmas

We’re well into October now, which makes Christmas sound a lot closer. No matter what type of shop you own you will want to sell as much as possible on the lead up to Christmas. This is the perfect time to capture the attention of your customers and get them to impulse buy.

When it comes to the festive season, your visual merchandising needs to reach a whole new level of excitement. This is the best way to entice your customers into purchasing all of the stock you have invested in especially for this time of year. VKF Renzel has put together a list of merchandising tips you can put into place this Christmas to help with sales this festive season.

Put time into your window display

You are probably aware of this and will have heard it many times but, your window display is the first impression of your store. It has the power to bring customers into your shop or turn them away so, make sure it isn’t overlooked, especially at this time of year.

Take your time and get your window display right. Create the perfect Winter Wonderland experience for your customers and immerse them in the story you are telling. At this time of year, a mannequin or display stand with an illuminated poster isn’t going to cut it. You need to go all out and make your window display a talking point.

Clearly advertise all discounts and offers

Christmas shopping is a big-spending period and we can guarantee that your customers are on the hunt for the best deals. If you have a current special offer or if any popular products are discounted, make sure that your customers are aware of this.

At this time of year, you can really make a big deal of your display stands and show off all of your best products. Don’t let your pricing get hidden by the incredible displays you create. It might be worth trying different pricing displays such as taller stands or signs hanging from the ceiling. Make your good deals unmissable.

Have gift cards front and centre

Gift cards are usually an afterthought and may even be kept behind the till in some stores but this time of year is their time to shine. They are the perfect gift for someone who has no idea what they want and you can guarantee they will be a winner for indecisive or last-minute shoppers.

Strategically place your gift cards this festive season. You could invest in some pop-up displays which you can highlight in your store. It might even be worth spreading them around the store in convenient locations for impulse buys and if you can, incorporate them into your window display then you are advertising the fact that it is something that you offer, so no one will have to ask.

Strategically group your gifts

Cross-merchandising isn’t always used in stores but it is perfect for the Christmas season. Think about what items work well together and create mixed displays. This subtle upselling technique will stop your customers from seeing products as individual items and open their eyes to potential gift sets.

This type of merchandising can be used throughout the store. For example, you could place more expensive items on a large central display and cheaper items on a point of sale display. Mix and match displays always work really well at this time of year so give it a try and reap the benefits.

Make the most of your POS display

Point of sale displays are always important no matter what time of year it is but, make the most of them on the lead up to Christmas. Not only do they need to be eye-catching but they also need to display items that people actually want to buy.

Think carefully about what you put on your POS retail display. For example, why not stock them with small items that are perfect for stockings or stereotypical Christmas present ideas. This is your last chance to make a sale so make it count.

Making the most of merchandising

Taking into account everything mentioned above you will be able to make sure that your store is ready for Christmas. It isn’t uncommon to have to spend money on additional display stands or price displays at this time of year but, trust us when we say it is worth it.

When you invest in good quality products, like the ones you can get from VKF Renzel, once you have used them this year they can be put away until next Christmas. You can trust that they will last you for many years to come and will come in handy every time you want to dress your shop for a specific occasion.

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