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Promotional Products for next year

The Essential Promotional Products You Need After Christmas

Christmas is only a couple of days away, an exciting prospect for many businesses after such a challenging year. However, it is always best to plan ahead for the future. With the new year looking far more prosperous than last year (with less restrictions), it is best to plan what products will be of most to your business. Whether this is for permanent displays, tradeshows & events or just for general use – we can accommodate for your needs. Here at VKF Renzel we aim to provide our customers with a diverse product range. After all, we are the leading UK supplier of POS products, Displays and Shop Fittings!

During this pandemic, you have likely not given as much time into the different ways in which you can to market to prospective customers - instead, your time may have been taken up trying to figure out how to survive in this difficult, unprecedented business landscape. Now it is important to look to the future; most notably, the items that you want to have to sell but also how you are going to sell them. We can offer you a fantastic assortment of goods for self-adverting and promotion. Take a look at what we have to offer at VKF Renzel.

POS & Displays Equipment

With next year only around that corner, it is important that your business is equipped with the right tools and equipment for tradeshows and events. Having the right exhibition equipment is essential at standing out at these major events. We offer a selection of goods designed to help your business standout, regardless of your stand size.

Equipment for Exhibitions and Tradeshows

To start, we offer the actual infrastructure used to build entire stands. We have a huge selection of part options to choose from. This allows our customer to design the stands they specifically require without compromise. An example of this would include modular parts such as our Naxpro-Truss FD 23. These parts allow users to build elaborate structures that will draw the attention of potential prospects.

We also have smaller products that can help organise and build up exhibition stands. For example, Barrier stands are a great way to create an orderly flow of customer traffic. It keeps your stand looking professional and organised. We also have barrier stands that have different features, including: Multiple plug sockets, barcode scanners, and brochure holders.

We offer seating arrangements and counter tops, just to name a few! Search through our selection of Exhibition and Event equipment on our website. Feel free to look through and find what you need - Our team are always happy to give advice if needed.

Display Equipment

We have a wide variety of Display fixtures that are suited to different uses and roles. We offer highly portable equipment such as our roller banners or Pop-up displays. These are fantastic, for on-the-go advertising at events. They are incredibly quick and easy to assemble or disassemble. They have a large graphic space for promotions and advertising, allowing our customers to present their message clearly.

We also have more permanent fixtures on offer here at VKF Renzel. Our Poster Frames allow users to display content to their customers. Additionally, these can be hanged from the ceiling to save on space when arranging shop layout. So, whether you need permanent display fixtures or portable displays, we can accommodate for you.

Shop fittings and equipment

Obviously, tradeshows and events are important, but it is also very important to think of day-to-day operations. Here at VKF Renzel we have a plethora of retail equipment. Our Shelf Dividers are fantastic for use within shopping environments as it keeps shelving arrangements neat and tidy. Our POS equipment such as our Leaflet & Business card holders, are great ways for our customer to increase brand awareness with their customers.

Small giveaways, incentives and more

We also offer small items for table top use. These are ideal for smaller stands or for business they may not have the budget for large elaborate stands. Despite being small additional extras, giveaways can incentives customer prospects to signup.

 Smartphone Accessories

During the Boxing Day sales, you will have likely noticed the tendency amongst people to get reductions on electronic products. Smartphone Accessories, in particular, have seen their popularity rise year-after-year, and it is not difficult to see why. When you are initially setting up a literature display, for instance, at a prestigious event, it is important to grab the attention of attendees - this is where a Bluetooth Speaker could prove to be invaluable. Whilst they may skim over your various brochure holders, it is an audible announcement or presentation that could truly help you to seal the deal to many visitors.


Should your company have been operating for a prolonged period of time, no doubt you will be familiar with the diverse nature of Promotional Gifts. To some, these simply refer to more traditional items, such as business cards and display brochures. However, the world of advertising has moved on a long way from this and more niche items have started to come into play. From Lanyards to Keyrings and Bottle Openers to Pens, there is seemingly no limit to the promotional possibilities that you can look to take advantage of. When adorned with your firm's particular name and logo, items can prove to be an extremely effective subliminal marketing tool.

An Introduction to VKF Renzel

We make a big effort to write our daily blog so that our customers have information to read on our products/services/company. This could be the first Blog you have come across. Make sure you check out our weekly Blogs for information and updates. You can come to our website directly or follow our social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter) to be notified when a new post is released.

If you are someone that is contemplating the various ways in which they can look to improve their presentation stands at the next corporate exhibition, but as of yet has not come up with a viable solution, we would be delighted to help you find what you need. When you solicit the services of VKF Renzel, you have the opportunity to collaborate with one of the most reputable sales promotion retailers in the country. We are the UK lead in manufacturing and supply of POS products, Shop Fittings and Display.

Whether it is a wall mounted leaflet holder that you are after, or an effective shelf management solution, we will offer you an affordable, fair price for the product.  The only thing to match our quality products? Our high levels of customer service from our team. To those of you that have any questions regarding such items, please Contact Us today - we look forward to hearing from you in the new year!
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