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Black Friday Tips to Help You Boost Sales

Black Friday is the day that all consumers are counting down to and in some ways, the day that many shop owners are dreading. Yes, it is a great opportunity to sell lots of stock and capture the attention of many new customers, but it can be incredibly daunting. Some think that participating in this day can seem like a big retailer’s game – the little guys don’t have a chance!

However, every store can benefit from Black Friday, no matter what size it is. The key is in the preparation and with the amount of time you spend planning on the lead up to Black Friday, you want to make sure that the profit and outcome is worth it. At VKF Renzel, we’ve put together our top tips to help boost your sales this year on this big day in retail.

Spread the Word Early

If people aren’t aware that your store is participating in Black Friday then they aren’t going to visit, especially when they can go elsewhere. So, advertise, advertise, advertise! Make sure that people know what you’re offering and exactly when you’re offering it.

Creating a buzz for the day is a great way to make sure you get off to a positive start this Black Friday. If your advertising is eye-catching and interesting enough, not only will this bring people in, but word-of-mouth referrals will also increase too. This could include in-store advertising, the use of leaflets or even through various digital methods which only continue to become increasingly popular in today’s world.

Dress Your Store

Your store should look good all year round, but for special events you really need to pull out all the stops. If you are situated on a high street or in a shopping centre then there’s sure to be plenty of competition with the shops around you - don’t get lost in the crowd!

The best way to catch the eye of a passerby is with your window display, or by using an A-Board outside. Take your advertising up a notch and consider the of use light to help draw attention, whether this is dramatic lighting in your window or with Illuminated Poster Frames; they are sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Be Smart with Incentives

Everyone will have incredible offers in-store on Black Friday, so think about what you can use as a unique incentive to your customers. Offering free products when a customer spends a certain amount is a great idea; you will see customers adding more to their baskets just to qualify for the free gift.

However, don’t just give out anything as your free gift, use this as an effective advertising and marketing tool too. Why not give away a tote bag or Reusable Shopping Bag with your logo on? Or perhaps a useful item like a Trolley Token, again with your branding?

Make the Most of Your Display Stands

In your store, you will typically have a variety of display stands, but you need to ensure that you are fully utilising every stand in the best possible way on Black Friday. You could even invest in some pop-up displays specifically for this day so that you have more room to advertise stock.

For example, take your standard POS display at the checkout area, it may entice people to make more purchases at the till. Think about how you can dramatise this on Black Friday. Make it bigger and better, display more products and provide a wider variety to your customers with some fantastic offers chucked in too.

Offer Discounts to Returning Customers

Now you’ve got lots of new customers and people shopping in your store, you want to make sure that they come back again. You could encourage them to shop with you over and over again by giving out discounts for the next time they shop in store, maybe a voucher with a certain percentage off or £5 discount code. You could even consider creating two leaflets, one for the customer and one for a friend - this will encourage even more foot-traffic and hopefully more new customers.

How VKF Renzel Can Help

Some shops may have everything they need to prepare their store for Black Friday, but if you are starting to panic about it, don’t worry, VKF Renzel can help. We can provide you everything from free-standing display units to high-quality price displays and everything in between; you can purchase everything you require to prepare your store for this all-important shopping day in just one place. Browse our online store today and easily order everything you need in preparation for Black Friday.
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