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How to Create an Excellent Retail Checkout Experience

Shop owners spend a lot of time ensuring that their shop is welcoming and that their products are displayed well. Whilst this is essential and will entice customers to buy more, what about your checkout area? This is a prime place and time to please your customers, after all, this is where they will be physically parting with their money.

If you want people to return to your store then you have to create an excellent retail checkout experience. You may need to make some adjustments to your current checkout area to guarantee that your customers will return for another visit. Keep reading to find out exactly how you can ensure that your checkout experience is quite simply, exemplary.

Clear Checkout Area
This is one of the most important things to consider; if your checkout is hard to find then customers simply won’t bother trying to find it, they will leave their items and walk away. It is so easy to highlight exactly where your checkout area is and we would always recommend that you use either floor signs or overhead signs to help direct customers.

Once your customers have found the checkout, they should also know exactly where they need to be to join the queue. Make it obvious where the people who are queuing need to stand by making a clear pathway. You can even line this pathway with freestanding POS shelf displays, so that your customers are unable to avoid your products and latest offers.

Know and Offer In-Store Deals
Make sure that your staff are always aware of your in-store deals, or that the electronic till system that you use flags up any of your current deals. This way your staff can inform customers if they are missing out on perhaps a BOGOHP deal or a three for two offer.

You’ll often find that customers are more likely to purchase additional items if you bring certain offers directly to their attention. Sometimes they may go back to pick up another item, even if it means they have to spend more to get the offer; or if it’s within easy reach of the checkout area, simply grab another item to qualify for the deal. They may also be appreciative of this information and are more likely to tell others about their positive shopping experience in your establishment.

Discreetly Upsell
Don’t turn into an overbearing salesperson as soon as your customers get to the till point. Most people don’t want to know about items on offer that are completely irrelevant to what they are purchasing. However, you can still upsell by doing it discreetly with items that pair well with things already in your customers basket. For example, if you have a set of matching items and your customer is buying one item, then just bringing the other items to their attention may help. Sometimes things can get missed and they might be grateful that you have told them about these complimentary products.

Have Multiple Ways to Pay
In this day and age, very few people carry cash. To be realistic, if you don’t have a card machine in store then evidently you will be missing out of quite a lot of sales. Some people don’t even have their purse or wallet on them anymore - people expect a variety of options when it comes to payment methods on offer.

You want to make paying for your products as easy as possible for your customers. Some ways that you can do this is by accepting contactless payments and also accepting mobile payments. A growing number of smartphones now provide you with a way to pay and you can even pay with a smartwatch too. Try to accept as many payment methods as possible.

Make the Most of Your POS Display
Your point of sale display stand is the perfect place for you to entice your customers, encouraging them to add more to their basket before they pay. Think carefully about what you put on these stands and utilise them to their fullest.

Things that tend to sell well on POS retail displays are inexpensive everyday items, typically those of a smaller size that anyone can easily grab and drop into their basket or trolley. Aim to fill these displays with things that your customers always need, that they can stock up on or are too tempting for your customers to resist. Of course, you need to ensure that they are visually appealing too.

Creating the Best Retail Checkout Experience
Take some time to walk through your checkout experience as a customer and see exactly what they experience from your point of view. This will open your eyes and allow you to identify what you need to improve on and any changes you need to make. If you require any items such as countertop display stands or freestanding display units to improve this area, then take a look through the VKF Renzel product range today. You’ll be able to find everything you need for your store, all on one convenient easy-to-use website.
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