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Digital Products That Will Revolutionise The Way You Conduct Business

Over the last twenty years, the number of breakthroughs has been staggering. Digital displays have improved year after year, allowing people to enjoy pictures of pristine quality. Similarly, there seems to be no limit to the capabilities of these devices. Indeed, a number of products have begun to have been developed for specific use in the working world. Should you wish to find out what these are, look no further than VKF Renzel for a more in-depth explanation.

POS Tablets

Due to the quantity of people that have access to top-tier technological devices at home, many people expect corporations and businesses to have similar types of products within their shops. It is for this reason that investing in POS Tablets is not only a wise move, but one which is essential should you wish to maintain the interest of your customers. If, for example, you were to bring in the Pro II, you would be able to greatly enhance the overall experience of your customers. By having a customised interface with your branding present, you will in-essence have a unit that is not only recognised for its functionality, but also for its aesthetics.

Outdoor Displays

Sometimes, one of the biggest problems faced by retailers is the ability to be able to entice customers onto the shop floor. Whilst it is true that, for some, a well-arranged display window is enough, many other firms have to be a little more innovative in their thinking. If you are looking to inform your prospective audience about the goods that you sell, in such a way that will also make them want to find out more, we suggest purchasing an outdoor display, such as the Infowall. Nowhere else will you be able to find a unit which combines durability and technical-prowess in a single product.

Large Screens

When it comes to showcasing a new product that your company is selling, it is vital that you draw attention to it as much as possible. Whilst it is likely that you have various advertising ploys in action, you should not overlook the benefits that can be had by installing a large screen on your shop floor. Through this, you can programme to have a number of advertisements being shown on a cycle, therefore ensuring that it receives the publicity that it deserves. For those of you that are appreciators of high-definition displays, look no further than the 32” Digital Signage Monitor.


As one would imagine, it is not just the technical product itself that you need to achieve success. Often, these devices work in tandem with certain accessories, in order to better showcase your products. For example, having a visually-appealing menu display would be wasted without having an adequate stand to have it mounted upon. Similarly, without having a remote battery, those units which are not connected to mains power supplies would only have a limited window of usability. As you can see, in some cases you cannot enjoy having one, without having the support of the other.

About VKF Renzel

When it comes to sourcing a company which can not only supply you with such products as double-sided digital menu boards, but do so at amazingly competitive prices, it is hard to overlook VKF Renzel as the prime candidate. We are a firm that recognises that it is important to consider the environment when manufacturing; it is for this reason that all of our business practices adhere to strict-and-sustainable regulation. If this sounds appealing to you, and you wish to speak to one of our representatives about how we can help, we suggest using our homepage contact information to get in touch.
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