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Effective Approaches to Displaying Prices in Retail

It’s highly likely that customers will determine whether or not they will purchase a product solely based on the price of the item, but that being said, one of the other influences that will play a pivotal part in the buying process is the manner in which prices are displayed.

This is why our team at VKF Renzel, one of the leading providers for point of sale products, has created this guide on a few of the most effective approaches to displaying prices in retail stores.

Solutions for Everyday Products

  • Shelf Edge Strips
If you’re already using shelving units to stock and store items for customers, then Shelf Edge Strips are one of the most simple, but effective approaches to display prices. These strips often run across the whole of the shelf and you can easily insert and remove your price cards by fulling forward the front clear strip, making it clear how much each product is worth to the customer. Our shelf edge strips come in a range of styles for different shelving, varying heights and are cut to order, so regardless of what length and style you’re after, we should be able to help.

  • Poster Rails
If you are keen to make your prices stand out, but simply don’t have the space for Pricing Displays next to your products, then a Poster Rail might be a suitable solution. The rail can be easily installed above most fittings and also enable for posters to easily be added and removed when they are necessary.

  • Display Stands
Price list holders and display stands are a great way to present to customers the prices for a collection of products. Alternatively, one of the very best places for these is at the front of the store, as it will allow passing customers to gain a better understanding of the prices of products before they enter, similar to a restaurant. It might be useful to highlight certain offers to grab the attention of those passing by.

  • Chalkboards
One of the most traditional approaches to display prices is with the use of a chalkboard. Once again, this is very effective for displaying prices outside of a store, though they are also very effective for businesses that are continuously changing their product range or prices, where the chalk can easily be erased and replaced. Opt from large Chalkboard A Boards to smaller Tabletop Chalkboards and Shaped Hanging Chalkboards.

Price promotions

  • Banners
Similar to poster rails, bright coloured banners can be placed almost anywhere within and outside of the store to effectively let customers know the prices for the products. However, they are even more powerful when used for promotional purposes, as they stand out for potential customers before they’ve even begun browsing your shop.

  • Column Displays
Another suitable option similar to banners is the use of Column Displays. Often, they can be installed as a standalone feature, ideally at the end of an aisle or product section, allowing customers to take note of the ongoing price promotions.

  • Digital Signage
Technology is becoming one of the primary choices for price displays in this ever-growing digital world, more so specifically for promotional deals. There is a wide range of Digital Signage designs available on the market, with key examples including vertical and horizontal signs at the entrance of the retail store.

VKF Renzel

As one of the most renowned suppliers for acrylic and PVC products in the PVC industry, price and promotion displays are just one collection of products that we have on offer.

We recommend browsing through our full collection to see if you can identify a solution for your needs, though if you would like additional support please don’t hesitate to call us today on 01527 878311. By doing so, you can speak to one of our friendly consultants who will be happy to discuss your requirements, so that we can recommend the most suitable products available.

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