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Everything You Need to Know About POS Displays

Displays are an incredibly important part of any store; whether you run a hardware store or a supermarket, you will want your products to be clearly displayed and easy for regular customers to find and understand. These displays (and accessories) come in all shapes and sizes and different displays will work more effectively in one part of the store than another.

One of the most frequently discussed displays across lots of different industries is a POS merchandising display. If you’re new to retail and would like to find out more about what this actually is and how it benefits a store, here at VKF Renzel we’ve collated together little more information to increase your understanding.

What is a POS Display?

POS stands for point of sale and traditionally, this is a type of display that is found on or near a checkout area, although they can be found in other areas of a store. POS displays can be created by the store itself, but they are also sometimes supplied by the manufacturer of the products they are displaying. With this said, this isn’t as common these days as stores prefer to use their own material that is designed to be consistent with their branding, theming, and store layout.

Why Do Stores Have POS Displays?

The main reason stores have these types of displays so close to the checkout area is to increase the likelihood of impulse buys. This area is often the final opportunity in a store to entice your customers to purchase products and it also acts as a further chance to highlight particular promotions. You can showcase savings and products in a highly visible, tempting, and accessible way. Regardless of what you sell, all stores should think about their POS display products, the cost of the stands, and how versatile they are to ensure they are putting on the best items possible for their customers.

What are the Best Products to Put on POS Displays?

Not all of your stock will work well on a POS display. Ideally, you want to choose cheaper items, products that are on a special offer or those that’ll be too intriguing for your customers to pass up on; they should be small products, but not too niche so that only the odd person might show interest. For example, a beauty store owner may opt to place makeup wipes here, whereas a homeware store might consider tea lights or candles instead. Some stores also choose to have their gift cards on their point of sale stands and this can be a tempting last-minute gift for a loved one too.

How Regularly Should POS Displays be Changed?

This really can differ from store to store. Sometimes you expect to see similar items on POS retail displays, for example, chewing gum in a grocery store is very common, whereas other stores will change their POS displays more regularly to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Ideally, you should change your in-store displays every month, minimally each season, as advertising your new stock to your customers and updating your POS at the same time too is a great idea.

Making the Most of Your POS Display

Evidently, all stores will want to ensure that they’re making the most of their POS displays, especially as in many cases a POS display can be seen as the most important in-store display because it creates the final lasting impression to your consumer.

If you haven’t currently invested in displays close to the till area of your store, then implementing them can make a big difference. Take a look through the VKF Renzel website today, where you will find a range of stands to suit your specific needs and wants, that will all work incredibly well in this particular area. From dump bins and display baskets to freestanding display units and shelving, you can find everything required to create the best possible POS display all on one easy-to-use website.
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