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How An Exhibition Can Improve Your Purchase Frequency

In this day and age, exhibitions are bigger and more popular than ever before. A lot of businesses will have felt almost a void, with the absence of events and exhibitions throughout 2020 & 2021 due to the pandemic. These types of events are crucial to so many industries for striking up new business. Now with the pandemic under control, many businesses are eager to attend tradeshows and events in the new year. These exhibitions are fantastic opportunities to meet new customer prospects but also allow exhibitors to maintain relationships with existing clients.

Big expo events happen in almost every industry, bringing together hundreds of businesses and thousands upon thousands of visitors. An exhibition provides companies specialised opportunities to showcase and demonstrate their products and services to a targeted audience. Although lots of companies know what to expect at exhibition events, not all of them are aware of what the benefits are of attending one.

One of the most frequently discussed benefits is increased sales. Of course, it goes without saying, this is one of the main contributing factors into why a company may attend any particular event. Growing your customers and audience will increase sales – fundamental to the success of any business. Exhibitions, tradeshows and events are the perfect place to spread your brand image to new potential customers that may not have heard of your products or services. Moreover, you are in a specialised isolated environment where you can appeal to your desired target audience.

If you’re considering attending an exhibition and would like to find out more about how it can benefit you then keep reading! We will give you several tips and tricks on how to maximise your time at large scale events, exhibitions and tradeshows.

Sales at the exhibition

It isn’t uncommon for attendees to come to exhibitions with the mindset of purchasing products. This is an opportunity to make as many sales as possible. These types of events allow you to increase your outreach and grow your brand. There will be some customers that may buy something as a one-time purchase – which is good as a sale has been made which defiantly isn’t a bad thing. However, if you have the right products, services and branding, you could be able to transform these prospects into brand loyal customers.

A large selection of companies that attend exhibitions will have something to physically sell on the day. Having a variety of products and services to offer is good at these events. This is as you can make the most of everyone visiting your exhibition stand. Alternatively, promotional freebies or incentives for signing up for something is a great way to appeal to new customers.

Obviously for several companies, selling directly may not be possible at the time. For example, some businesses have products that are made to order, meaning that products need to manufactured to specific specifications. Additionally, the company could be trade only – meaning they cannot directly sell to end users. However, companies still find ways to do business at these types of events. Booking appointments, taking deposits or creating contracts and agreeing costs for upcoming services will ensure that an exhibition has been financially beneficial to you as an exhibitor.

Having a good team at an exhibition also has an influence on the sales and impact that you can make. Lots of companies tend to take the strongest members of their sales team along to exhibitions so they have the best people there to close deals on the day. It is important to remember for a lot of individuals it will be there first exposure and experience of your company. You need to paint your company in a positive light by having friendly, charismatic exhibitors who are going to make a lasting impression on stand visitors.

Sales after the exhibition

Not all of your sales that come from the exhibition will happen on the day. It isn’t uncommon for attendees to take away information and make their decision independently in the days following the event. You may even find that the sales you make after the exhibition are worth more money than the sales that you make on the day. It is important to never overlook their importance. Information should be spread with every customer prospect showing interest in your organisation – even if they do not purchase anything at the event. They could become one of your biggest customers!

You should always ensure that you have marketing material for attendees to take away with them from your exhibition stand. There will be multiple companies that offer similar products and services to you so, you want to make sure that your company will be remembered and that they end up choosing you over your competitors.

Whether you keep things formal and informative by having a leaflet display at an exhibition or you decide to use more relaxed techniques by offering branded merchandise such as shopping trolley tokens, these are the items that will ensure you’re not forgotten. Marketing material is essential to bringing in the sales after the exhibition.

Make use of your Space and stand out

It goes without saying – Exhibition halls are HUGE places for visitors to find there way around. Now of course, as an exhibitor you must adhere to the rules and regulations of the place that you are exhibiting at. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the available space you have. It is crucially important to the success of any tradeshow or exhibition that you stand out from your competitors. We sell an assortment of products that can assist you in doing this.

We have a wide array of exhibition equipment on offer. We have a selection of seating options available such as our FlexiSlot® Exhibition Seating "Construct" or our Inflatable Sofa. Seating areas are important as it allows exhibitors to have in-depth conversations. It feels more personal, the exhibitor taking the time and sitting with a prospective customer – giving all their time and attention 1 to 1. These are ideal places to make potential sales.
LED Stretch Frame “Lumos Slim”, Banner Display “Zoom-Arch” and Beading Rail System "BIG" are all examples of standing out from your competitors. These systems have been designed to stand out from competitors whether that’s through the use of LED technology or standing tall as a large display piece. These large display units will draw people into your exhibition space.

Ultimately, businesses know there companies best and how to promote their products and services. We have a huge array of suitable products on our website for Event and Exhibition Equipment so why not check it out today!

How VKF Renzel can help?

It is clear to see how an exhibition can improve your sales and it is definitely important to attended if you want to build up your consumer base. Taking into account the sales you can make on the day along with the sales that may come out of the exhibition it is usually always financially beneficial for companies. Another key point is that you will have high exposure which is fundamentally important to building as well maintaining a brands image.

Whether this if your first time attending an exhibition or you’ve attended before but want to improve your stand, VKF Renzel are here to help. We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of acrylic and PVC products in the POS industry. With over 25 years of experience, we can certainly assist you with your requirements. You can trust that with the help of VKF Renzel, your exhibition display stand will stand out from the crowd.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our team. Additionally, you could check out our industry guides – these will help you find the right products to promote your business. Check it out here.
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