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How To Refresh Your Displays For The New Year 

Now that Christmas is over and we are shortly entering a new year, now is the perfect time to give your store a refresh. Taking down the Christmas displays and decorations is guaranteed to leave your space looking sparse and quite sad, neither of which will help your sales. Take some time to look around and see what changes you can make to transform the look of your store for the start of 2021. 

A big part of how the interior of your store looks is the displays that you have. It is all well and good having a beautifully decorated space with great products to sell, but if they aren’t displayed well, then you will notice the difference in your profit. For any store owners or merchandisers that are looking for some inspiration, VKF Renzel has put together a list of ideas to help you refresh your displays this new year. 

Step things back- less is more

It can be easy to overload your store, especially when you have just had lots of stock and decorations in for the festive season. Therefore, the new year is a perfect time to strip things back and give your store a new clean look.

You can still have amazing displays throughout your store, just try to prevent them from being messy and clustered. For example, say you run a beauty store, having numerous small displays with items showcased on individual acrylic stands gives off a much better impression than having one or two huge overloaded displays.

Have a move around- mix things up

There is no denying that your customers get used to your layout and where things are, meaning they often go straight to the items they want missing out new products. Having a move around at the start of the new year can open customers eyes to your new stock.

This also has the power to completely transform the store and give it a new lease of life. Obviously, you won't be able to move things such as the checkout area so your point of sale display stands will stay where they were, but the majority of other stands can be moved. Think carefully about where you're going to put your displays and do so with your customers in mind.

Use all of your space- spread things out

It is said that the more free space there is in a store, the higher the perceived value of the merchandise is. Make use of every corner and prevent your display stands from being crowded in the centre of your store.

You can easily create the look of space by using different types of display stands too. For example, having shorter stands in the centre of the store and keeping your floor to ceiling stands to the sides. This will create more of an open plan feel and allow your customers to fully browse ervythngi you have to offer.

Don't forget about your window- entice people in

Stores put so much thought and effort into their festive window displays and often when these come down, the window is forgotten. This is the first thing your customers will see and it is your chance to make a good first impression.

Your display doesn't have to be intricate and overwhelming, there are lots of things you can do to make a big difference without requiring numerous props and backdrops. For example, just changing your standard sale poster for an illuminated poster is a good idea, as light can make a huge difference to how eye-catching something is, so, always ensure your window is well lit.

Refreshing your displays

Take some time to focus on all your displays this new year and make some changes where required. Start this decade as you mean to go on and give yourself the best possible chance to increase your profit. Don't forget that getting displays right can be a bit of trial and error. If you have made changes and they don't seem to be working you can simply change them again.

If you're searching for any items to help improve your displays this year, visit the VKF Renzel website. They can provide you with a range of store basics from pricing displays to shelf dividers, so you can get everything you need all in one place.
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