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Hygiene Management Tips For Your Pharmacy

During the current uncertain times here in the UK, as we fight COVID 19 many people are relying on the NHS more than ever before. Whilst many people are working from home, both GP surgeries and pharmacies continue to be busy and their staff are continuing to help those that are in need.

It is no secret that personal protective equipment is highly sought after at the moment and unfortunately, not all pharmacies are getting the amount that they require to operate safely. Due to this, if you own a private pharmacy, you may be wondering if there is anything else you can do to improve your current hygiene management and protect your staff. Keep reading to get some easy to implement tips.

Inform both staff and customers

One of the most important things to do is inform both your team and also any customers of the procedures you are putting in place to manage hygiene during this time. We would recommend that you use multiple sign holders and display stands throughout the store and also outside the store to inform people of how the pharmacy will be running and what they need to do during their visit.

Hopefully, with the correct signage, your staff won’t need to worry about having to continually remind people about rules that you’ve put in place in relation to hygiene. You can also have the peace of mind that you’re trying your best to ensure everyone follows these rules.

Enforce rules to minimise the spread of germs

The biggest thing to try and focus on at this time is the spread of germs in your pharmacy. Often the people coming in will be high risk or even potentially poorly themselves so, you must put rules in place to protect everyone. Even simple things like avoiding using cash and encouraging contactless card payments can make a big difference.

The majority of contact in a pharmacy is when prescriptions are collected or advice is being given regarding medication so, you should focus on protection at these times. Consider installing sneeze guards at handover points or areas where your team usually advise customers.

Ensure you’re following social distancing rules

There is no avoiding the social distancing rules that have been put in place by the government and it is imperative that you ensure everyone in your store is following them. We would advise you to use sign holders to remind customers of these rules and also restrict the number of people in the pharmacy at one time, especially if your store is quite small.

To help you ensure that people are following these rules, you may also want to use floor stickers to visibly display the distancing required. Often, people are more likely to abide by the distancing if they have visible instructions to follow.

Keep on top of personal hygiene  

A big part of hygiene management during this time is personal hygiene and often you have to trust that others are taking the precautions required. One way you can ensure that people are taking these precautions seriously is to offer hand cleaning stations in store. Use sign holders to request that people clean their hands before entering the store to help protect everyone.

For added convenience, you can install hygiene stations that dispense hand sanitizer. Using automatic dispensers that offer non-contact use is the best way to encourage everyone to use the station and should prevent any concern in this regard.

Implementing new hygiene management practices

Using the tips above, you can ensure that you’re doing everything you possibly can to protect your staff and also any pharmacy customers during this time. There is no denying that people expect changes in stores during this time so, hopefully, these tips should be easy to implement and both staff and customers will follow any new procedures put in place.

If you’re searching for items that you can use to protect people in your pharmacy during Coronavirus, please don’t hesitate to visit the VKF Renzel website today. We have a vast range of products that may be beneficial to you, from sign holders and floor stickers to protective guards and hygiene products. Of course, if you require any additional information at all about any products you’re interested in, our team will gladly provide you with anything you need.
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