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Keeping Your Customers Safe During COVID 19

The COVID 19 pandemic has been impacting the UK for many months now and there are numerous changes that have been made to people’s everyday lives. Whilst the majority of stores that are considered non-essential have been closed for some time, we’re beginning to see a gradual reopening of many businesses throughout the UK.

All of the stores reopening will need to be implementing various rules to ensure that not only are they keeping their staff safe but that all of their customers are safe when visiting them too. This is an incredibly difficult task and many stores are working hard to do all they can in this regard. If you own a store that is reopening and you’re wondering how you can keep your customers safe, our team at VKF Renzel have put together some things for you to consider.

Utilise protective screens where social distancing is not possible

You may have been noticing a greater number of protective screens popping up around the UK over these past few months; typically located at checkout areas or on reception desks, these protective guards are crucial for preventing the spread of germs in locations where social distancing cannot be maintained. These screens come in various styles and sizes, many with openings at the base to allow for the transfer of objects and/or money. Additionally, large partition walls are a great option for use in waiting areas and to separate particular segments of queues from one another.

Offer multiple cleaning and hygiene stations

Whilst your team will want to do all they can to keep all areas of the store clean, there is only so much that they can do. It is impossible for them to disinfect every product that they put on the shelves or every shopping basket or trolley once it has been used, meaning some of this responsibility will have to be on the customers.

Ideally, you should offer multiple cleaning and hygiene stations that your customers can take advantage of. Put display stands with single-use cleaning cloths near the trolley area and also have a hand sanitiser station near both the entrance and exit of the store. People then have the opportunity to use these, just ensure that they are obvious for all to see.

Provide a clear path for customers to follow

Customers are used to wandering around stores any way that they like but, due to social distancing guidelines, this isn’t possible at this time. To prevent any uncertainty, you should ensure that all customers have a clear path to follow when visiting your store. It may be beneficial to use barrier systems or display stands to create walkways for customers to use.

We would also recommend that you use both floor stickers and also various sign holders to ensure that there is absolutely no confusion in this regard. If you have lots of signage at different heights then there is no way that it can be missed and, it also prevents your staff from constantly having to repeat themselves too.

Focus on areas where potential contact takes place

Of course, working in a store is a customer-facing job, however, at this time it is best to try and limit the contact between staff and customers. If possible, your staff should stay clear of the isles during opening times to provide more space for customers and also take extra care at the checkout areas in particular.

In any store, the checkout is the place where potential contact takes place so, put some precautions in place here. Many big stores are using safety guards to protect staff and customers at the checkout. You may also want to limit contact by avoiding cash transitions and also only providing a receipt when absolutely necessary.  

Ensure you’re informing customers of changes

Lastly, in order for it to be effective, you need to ensure that your customers are aware of everything you have put in place to protect them. As mentioned briefly above, the easiest way to do this is by having lots of different signs up and display stands both throughout your store and also in the car park or any waiting/queuing areas.

Also, make sure that your staff are up to date with all rules too so, if they are questioned then they feel comfortable to answer professionally. Of course, ensure that senior members of staff are also available to help in this regard if any customers have issues with the way that your store is running during this time.

Keeping your customers safe

Whilst there is no guarantee that you can keep every person that walks through the door safe from Coronavirus, you can guarantee that the changes you implement will make a big difference. People that visit your store will be grateful for these changes, especially if they are high risk or are key workers themselves and hopefully everyone will happily abide by the new rules that you put in place.

If you think that you need to invest in some additional items to protect your customers during this time, please visit the VKF Renzel website today. We have a vast selection of products that will be very beneficial to any stores that remain open during COVID 19. Whether you need additional display stands, safety guards or sign fixings, we will have a range for you to choose from. You can trust that you, your team and your customers are in safe hands when you turn to us.
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