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Modern Alternatives to Traditional Leaflet Stands

In truth, there are numerous advertising methods which have been proven to be effective, irrespective of the industry that they are deployed in. Some, such as brochure displays and leaflet holders, have been around for a number of years and have never ceased to prove themselves as effective, even in today’s digital world. However, if you are looking for a way in which to stand apart from the crowd, you may want to explore less traditional and more innovative options. As a leading retailer in this industry, VKF Renzel’s sales team will be glad to offer some guidance on what you could choose to invest in instead.


When the first iPad burst onto the scene many years ago, it was immediately seen as a revolutionary product which had a lot of potential should it be utilised by businesses. Ipad Holders are a sleek and effective way to howcase your ipads for customers to make use of the digital functionalities.  Some companies which see themselves as visionaries have been using these electronic tablets as replacements for ordinary literature stands for countless years, and it is not difficult to see why. Being interactive means that your audience has the chance to engage more with your firm, which means that the likelihood of a purchase occurring are drastically improved, particularly within an exhibition or a retail or showroom environment. 

Information Terminals

Should you be trying to reinvent your firm, and give it an entirely new appearance, it may be that the best course of action is to utilise a number of Information Terminals within your premises. Some believe that these should be wall-mounted, whilst others advocate that having them floor-standing will more than suffice. Whichever you decide upon, you will immediately notice that these are a distinct upgrade from leaflet displays. The reason for this is that your consumers are able to conduct research upon them, and learn the specific information that they are actually interested in.

LED Poster Displays

At VKF Renzel, we recommend integrating LED Poster Displays into your point of sale techniques, you would be giving yourself the opportunity to combine classic advertising methods with a creative contemporary flair. The printed medium would most likely remain the same as it always has done, however the bright lights are fantastic at capturing the attention of all those who are nearby. Whilst classic poster displays are an effective way to draw attention to your products or services on offer, adding the LED aspect will make the overall display more eye-catching & bring more interest to what’s on offer. In this case, you can promote your products and services without having to worry about your efforts being in vain.

Large Digital Screens

If your property has been blessed with a large front-facing window, it is vital that you make good use of this. One such method that you could employ is to employ a Large Digital Screen here. Whilst some may argue that this means that your audience cannot see into your venue, we see this as a significantly more effective use of space and resources. If you utilise this tactic, you can continuously play promotional videos on a loop, ensuring that you are never lacking in the advertising department.

How can we help?

Have you been looking to renovate your business’ premises, so that it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also fantastic from a practical point of view? Would you like to deviate away from leaflets and brochure stands, and think that the best way to do this is to invest in technological solutions? If your display stand is currently lacking and you need help to change your current situation, you need look no further than VKF Renzel.

From products which are ideal for exhibitions, to stands that will act as a top-tier replacement to classic literature displays, our capabilities are seemingly endless. For those of you that are interested in learning more regarding our products, you can either give us a call on 01527 878311, or send an email over to us at and we’ll find a suitable solution for you.
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