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Retail POS Ideas To Try In Your Store

Retail POS Ideas To Try In Your Store

Creating a new look for your store can be exciting. Regularly rearranging your stock is good for so many reasons and it is always advised, no matter what products you sell. Retail displays and visual merchandising are, and will always be essential in capturing the attention of customers and converting browsing into sales.

One of the main reasons why people still decide to shop in-store rather than online is to see your merchandise in person and this is all the more reason to design eye-catching retail displays. If you’re wanting to explore some new ideas next time you rearrange your displays, then keep reading today.

Interactive Displays

Don’t think that you have to be selling technical or electrical equipment to create exciting interactive displays. They work in pretty much any retail shop and are always a brilliant idea to mix up your standard displays and attract additional attention.

You can encourage your customers to engage with your brand and your store will become more than just a place to pick up a product, it will be an experience that stands out to each individual. You can also provide a lot more information with an interactive display than a standard display stand and change the function and content on them at the click of a button.

Use Interesting Props

A creative display should capture the eye of your customers and entice them to purchase the products that you have on offer. Think outside of the box, if you’re a clothing retailer, for example, don’t just use clothes and accessories in your displays, put them in an interesting setting and incorporate additional props to engage the imagination of your customers.

It is very common for displays to include plants too, so that’s something you could always consider. People say that plants and fresh flowers have been found to make people feel more comfortable and relaxed, which is a great atmosphere to create in your shop.

Be Witty

People love a quote or a smart pun… think of things that you might retweet on Twitter, or like on Instagram. Modernise your displays and encourage people to want to share them online with their followers and friends or reuse the snappy text that you have displayed.

When done right, a good bit of text will complement your products and encourage shoppers to take a closer look. Think about what you would want to see if you were a customer shopping in your store!

Consider Upcycling

Instead of using a range of incredibly expensive display stands, mix things up. Why not invest in some staple acrylic stands and then arrange them with less traditional and more environmentally friendly upcycled display stands?

Using unique materials for displays adds a different visual appeal and speaks to your brand identity, as well as injecting some personality into your displays. Of course, some traditional racks and fixtures are still essential, but you can mix things up a little bit with unique upcycled displays.

Smart Cross-Merchandising

You may already use cross-merchandising, sometimes without even realising, but it is a great way to entice shoppers to look at items that complement what they’re already buying. Mix and match your displays and get creative with your pairings.

If you can find a link between the products then there is no reason why they shouldn’t be placed together. Open your customers’ eyes to what you what else you can offer them and display things that they might not have even thought of purchasing together.

Creative Point of Sale Stands

This is your last chance to capture your customers’ attention and potentially sell them some more items. Think of your POS display as your final lifeline; you have nothing to lose so go all out, so try your best to make people pick up the items you are displaying.

Use bright or contrasting colours, an interesting or unusually shaped stand and images or models to best show off the products you’re displaying. This display stand needs to convince your customers that they need the items on it.

Trying New Display Ideas

There is no harm in trying something new, no one knows your customers quite like you do, so think about what they want at the current time and allow that to influence your display stands. Changes of season or public holidays are also a great time to try something new and test out different display ideas.

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