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The Importance of Visual Merchandising

As a shop owner, you will have probably heard of the term ‘visual merchandising’. When used in the context of retail merchandising, visual merchandising relates to the way that store can make their spaces more attractive, presenting products in a particular way that leads to a positive shopping experience and increases the number of sales.

Visual merchandising is all about the look, feel, and perception of your store and brand. There are many factors that go into the success of visual merchandising and it isn’t uncommon for larger stores to have a visual merchandiser that solely focuses on this for their shop - they are seen as a critical member of staff for many of the larger players. If you’re curious as to why visual merchandising is seen to be so important, then here at VKF Renzel, we’ve put together a list of reasons for you to garner a greater understanding of this.


Increased Sales

Ultimately, this will be the main reason that companies work invest so much time and effort on visual merchandising. Any way that you can increase sales, which will in effect increase profit, shouldn’t be cast aside. Ideally, you should be convincing your customers to purchase without verbally saying a word to them.

Really, the concept of visual merchandising is very easy; you just need to ensure your products are placed strategically so that they draw attention and catch your customers’ eye. Take your POS merchandising displays at the till point; as these are your last chance to make a sale when your customers are waiting at the till, make your POS display stand out and fill your stands with items you know your customers are more inclined to impulse buy at the very last second.


Brand Loyalty

Improving the customer experience in-store with the use of visual components can lead to greater customer satisfaction. Just having good products isn’t enough these days, your customers want to be able to experience your brand through the visual components you choose to surround and enhance your products.

Your store should represent you as a brand. Lots of places spend a lot of time on their window displays to draw customers in, but forget about the appearance on the inside of the shop. You need to carry on this same brand experience throughout your store with your visual merchandising. To put it simply, brand satisfaction will lead to brand loyalty will lead which will increase repeat purchases and help create a loyal customer base.


Avoid Overwhelming

The last thing you want to do in your store is to confuse your customers by throwing lots of products at them all at once - offering too many choices can often backfire. You know your customers better than anyone; you know what they like and what they come to you for, so ensure you’re showing them what they want. Visual merchandising can help you to show off your best-selling products and further increase sales.

Also, you should analyse your space to understand what the maximum number of products you can present at once (without the displays looking cluttered). Think about the different display stands you currently have, where they are placed and how they look. If something isn’t working, if it looks crowded or sparse, then change things up. Don’t think that you have to get it right straight away when it comes to visual merchandising, as trial and error is essential to getting your shop perfect.


How VKF Renzel Can Help

Now that you have a greater understanding as to why visual merchandising is important, you can identify why more shop owners spend increased time working on the way the inside (and outside) of their store looks. There really are no negatives to providing an incredible in-store experience through your visual merchandising and we can guarantee that you will see a difference in the way your customers’ shop when more focus is placed upon visual merchandising.

If you require any additional products to help you provide the best visual experience for your customers, VKF Renzel can provide you with the essentials. From acrylic stands and mannequins to price displays and shelving systems, we can supply you with everything you need. With the help of our team here at VKF Renzel, you can use these different merchandising techniques to enhance, establish and promote your stores visual image.
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