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Tips for Getting People to Purchase in Your Store

There is so much competition in every industry, which is only growing on a daily basis, and businesses are constantly faced with the task of getting people to purchase with them, rather than with their competitors. If your shop is on a street with other stores selling similar products, then you have to think outside the box with your marketing techniques to ensure that your customers stay loyal and aren’t tempted by your competitors’ actions.

Of course, the quality of your products and the prices you sell them do make a difference to the quantity you sell, however, there are some tricks you can take on board to aid in increasing sales too. Therefore, our team here at VKF Renzel have put together a few useful tips that you can instantly implement in your store and start reaping the benefits from.

Increase Visibility

The first tip correlates to both products and their prices. Starting with products, if your customers can clearly see everything in store and they don’t have to rummage to find what they are looking for, then they’re more inclined to purchase. Making sure that products are at the front of the shelf can help massively when taking visibility into account. To save yourself time in doing this manually, why not take a peek at our range of  Stock Pushers.

In regards to pricing, consider using  Large Pricing Signs  to ensure that customers don’t have to ask someone for a price. If you give customers all of the information that they require to make a purchase, then they are much more likely to go ahead and buy in-store there and then.

Strategic Positioning

Never just place products somewhere solely because they look nice. Whilst this is evidently important, think about how to strategically position your products to increase the value of a customers’ purchase. For example, an effective way to strategically position products is to place impulse products at the checkout area and near your bestsellers. Another thing to contemplate are the items currently on offer; if some items are on a ‘3 for 2’ offer, ensure that they are placed next to one another and are not difficult for anyone to locate.


Grouping your merchandise into neat categories might look really good in the store, but it’s not always the best way to sell your products. Try cross-merchandising by identifying products in your store that are often purchased together and put them on a single display stand. Perhaps consider placing complementary items near one another at the end of an aisle – maybe placing your strawberries directly next to the cream may entice some people to chow down on the two for their dessert that night? You will find that even if people hadn’t thought about purchasing both of the items together, if they are displayed together, consumers are increasingly inclined to go ahead and buy both.

Give Out Baskets

Strategically placing baskets at the entrance and around the store, as well as getting employees to offer baskets to customers carrying multiple items can aid in increasing the value of someone’s purchase that day. If someone has a basket, they are more willing to fill it and purchase more without deliberately realising. Also consider, the larger the basket, the more items a customer is likely to purchase in order to fill it up. Baskets also allow them to move around the store more comfortably, taking in everything you have to offer.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy, yet effective solution, take a look at our Plastic Shopping Baskets – available in a range of colours, with a 20 or 28 litre capacity and with either 1 or 2 handles. Alternatively, ourRoller Baskets are a great option for larger and heavier items, as well as for those customers looking to purchase a greater selection of items.

Space the Store Correctly

We understand that you may have a wide range of stock that you want to display all of at once, however you should think about the number of display stands you have and also where they are situated in the store. You need to provide your customers with enough space when shopping, allowing multiple people to fit comfortably down a single aisle at a time. It isn’t uncommon for shoppers to abandon a display or product they were looking at when they are bumped into by a fellow customer, so having plenty of space is crucial.

Clear Directions

If you have a large store, then you want customers to clearly understand where they need to go for particular products or in-store services. Let’s say you have changing rooms instore; you need to make sure that their whereabouts are clearly signed for shoppers to find; the same would apply to the checkout area. In other instances, some people will opt to use floor stickers to direct customers, or even overhead signage. They are both simple to install; all you need to install your overhead signage is Ceiling Hooks and bespoke signs.

When your customers can easily navigate their way around a store, they are more likely to spend time browsing, which will eventually lead to more purchases.

How VKF Renzel Can Help

All of these little tips have the power to make a real difference to your profits. By simply paying more attention to the layout of your store and your displays, you will see the difference in the number of purchases your customers are making.

If you require any assistance with your point of sale, display equipment or shopping trolleys and baskets, then VKF Renzel is the company you need to contact. They can provide you with any items that you require to ensure everything in your store is clearly labelled, displayed and ready to be purchased.

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