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Has The Time Come to Start Using Leaflet Stands Within Your Business?

If you were to take the time out of your day to walk around the businesses situated in your local area, we guarantee that it wouldn’t take long for you to notice a trend. That Trend will be the use of Leaflet stands. These, alongside free-standing brochure holders, are praised for their longevity and overall effectiveness. Yet, they do not get the appreciation that they deserve.

The purpose of these products is to increase the distribution of YOUR leaflets, flyers and/or catalogues. A cheap, effective promotion tool that ensures that your content is the center piece of any display. Having sold these types of units for a number of years, VKF Renzel is well-suited to elaborating on the benefits that can be enjoyed from using leaflet stands in the business field.

1. Cheap production costs

In reality, some of you reading this will have never-before given much thought to using leaflets as a way in which to advertise your goods or services. Typically, Leaflets and other promotional printouts are thought of as simple handouts – maybe to be used to close down a lead or spread information about a certain product. However, using the correct format, your leaflets can become an advertisement themselves assisting in promotion and brand exposure.

If this is the case, the first thing that you need to realise is that these are easy solutions when trying to save money.  Even when you factor in the costs of leaflet holders and freestanding brochure stands, you are still ensuring that your finances remain intact. Our Leaflet Holders are a way to utilise your pre-existing marketing material whilst not having to spend massive amounts as well as creating new marketing promotions/advertisements. It has been designed to be effective and affordable.

This is especially true when you compare these to modern marketing techniques that can be costly. This solution is ideal for use within shops, offices or anywhere where you can engage with customers face-to-face. This product will assist in business promotions. It may even help you seal the sale!

2. Easily replaced

For a business to stay relevant, it constantly needs to be adapting to its current market, as well as the actions of competitors. In this situation, you will naturally want to look at rolling out deals as opportune moments - for example, when you know that there is an influx of tourists. One of the beautiful things about leaflets is that, in a moment’s notice, you can come up with fresh designs and roll them out across your business practice. Simply take out the existing leaflets currently situated in your acrylic leaflet holder, or replace the brochures in your brochure holders, and replace with your newly-printed products. This completely transforms what you will be promoting towards your consumers without having to replace the unit. This highlights the longevity of our leaflet holders and brochure holders.

3. Inform your audience

When you are a start-up business, one of the main challenges that you will likely face is in relation to brand-awareness. With so many like-minded companies in the local area, it is imperative that you get the word out about your firm. Whilst it may seem rather simple, the fact of the matter is that leaflets are excellent at generating interest in your services. Whether you decide to place your leaflets in waiting rooms or at exhibition events, it will not take long for you to start reaping the rewards. Moreover, even if you aren’t a startup – these units are a brilliant way to maintain your brand awareness at lower costs.

4. Eye-catching option

Despite any initial misgivings, leaflets and other forms of plastic literature are well-known to be visually appealing. They may be preconceived as unattractive due to being seen as cheap looking clear plastic. However, one you visualise your advertising material housed in these units – your view will surely change.

The reason that you should take note of this is because once you have distributed these assets throughout the community, the results will quickly speak for themselves. When you chat to your audience and brand-new customers, we guarantee that they will tell you that they were drawn-in by the stunning aesthetics of your expertly-drafted leaflets or brochures.

Who Are We?

On the face of it, you may think that you would be better-off spending your corporate finances on such advertising products as electronic billboards and television advertisements. However, these can become outdated incredibly quickly; the same cannot be said for leaflet stands and brochure holders. These types of literature displays are easy to customise, and will not force you to empty your bank account.

Have you been entertaining the idea of incorporating brochures and leaflets into your marketing strategy, but have yet to find a firm that can help you to create aesthetically pleasing display stands? If so, you have come to the right place - VKF Renzel is here to help. Simply ring us on 01527 878311, and take advantage of the opportunity to discuss the brochure stands and wall-mounted leaflet dispensers that we have to offer.

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