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Why Effective Shelf Management is Vital

For most retail shops including supermarkets, almost all of their products are stocked for their customers on tall shelving units. The primary reason for this is because it allows the business to display a larger collection of different products together, saving space in the process, whilst also maintaining a particular order so that customers can easily identify the product that they are looking for and finding complementary products nearby.

Whilst this can be a relatively simple process to carry out, some businesses business may still feel that they arent organising their shelves as effectively as possible, which is why the team at VKF Renzel is here to help.
Benefits of Effective Shelf Management
  • Low Cost to Manage
Effective shelf management can cost very little. Once different shelf management products have been implemented, they have no ongoing costs during operation. This means businesses should be able to incorporate effective management without increasing costs.
  • Great Return
Following the previous point, if you effectively manage your shelves, its more than likely that you will see a great return based on the low cost to manage. This will either be reflected in the additional sales generated, customer satisfaction or improvement of stock control - either way, you will see a great return.
  • Precise Target Marketing
Although the primary purpose of using shelving is to hold stock for customers to purchase, its also one of the best points of sale within several shops. With effective shelf management, businesses have the opportunity to create a suitable layout and design that can be used for precise target marketing so that your intended target purchases specific products. Think of the heights of different shelves and the eye line of your customers; best sellers for that target should be placed here.
  • Improved Stock Management
The primary purpose for most businesses is to make money, and with retail outlets especially, the main source of income is through selling merchandise. In reality, all of this should be going through an organised stock management system, which can also be bettered through effective shelf management.
How You Can Improve Your Shelf Management
  • Product Dividers
Dividers are one of the most basic systems that can be implemented to improve shelf management effectiveness, as it enables the business to break-up products into individual sections based on their preferences. Additionally, if you have products that are more inclined to fall over on the shelf, shelf dividers may be a suitable option for keeping these products upright.
  • Shelf Edge Strips
Shelf edge strips are not only ideal to aid with shelf management, but they are one of the very best methods to improve your point of sale. For shelf management purposes, shelf strips allow the business to organise the products using labels so that employees can stock the shelves accordingly, as well as enabling customers to easily identify where products are. Unless you individually price each product, these data strips are also essential for informing your customers of the price of each item too. Regardless of your shelf type, we can almost guarantee to have a shelf edge strip thatll clip on; alternatively, we also offer self-adhesive data strips.
  • Stock Pushers
One of the biggest difficulties with traditional shelving is the fact that employees have to manually bring stock forward from the back to guarantee that products are reachable and that shelves look tidy and full. A great approach to ensure that all products are always at the front and prepared to be seen is with the use of a pusher. They can be installed on your shelving using a simple suspension system, which will expand when fewer products are present, pushing the remainder forward to the front of the shelf. Each pusher is made to order to match the length of your shelf and to ensure that the pusher strength suits the product being utilised.

How VKF Renzel Can Help
Think a few of these suggestions will benefit your business? Then why not take a further look into one or two of these solutions? Here at VKF Renzel, we are recognised as one of the very best point-of-sale product manufacturers thanks to our ever-increasing selection of products that regularly exceed customer expectations.

Not quite sure of the specific products that youll need? Why not get in touch? We pride ourselves on delivering first-class customer service, so by calling us on 01527 878311, you can speak to one of our friendly consultants about your specific needs so that we can recommend the most suitable solutions. Alternatively, by emailing with your query and contact details, one of our experts will be in touch at their earliest convenience to assist.
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