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Why Is Leafleting Such A Popular Method Of Advertising?

Over the years, there have been various methods touted as being the best way in which to advertise to prospective customers. Since the turn of the century, many businesses have looked to electronic means as the way in which to achieve their desired goals. However, here at VKF Renzel, we believe that there is still much to be said for more traditional options. Case-and-point, leafleting has remained popular, despite the abundance of alternatives on offer. If you continue your reading, you can educate yourself as to why this is. 

We are proud to offer a large variety of leaflet holders in different styles and sizes and are therefore confident we have the right product to suit your needs. We offer acrylic leaflet holders, wooden leaflet holders, leaflet holders with a clear front. 
  • Wall Mounted Leaflet Holders
  • Floor Standing Leaflet Holders
  • Counter Top Leaflet Holders
  • Leaflet Holders to attachment on shelving

Cheap To Produce

When you compare leaflet displays to some of the more modern techniques that are currently being employed, one thing will quickly become apparent to you - there is a gulf of difference in relation to costs. Relatively small, and consisting solely of coloured ink and paper, you will have no issues mass-producing leaflets. This subsequently enables you to reach out to countless consumers at a fraction of the price that is required to create, for instance, televised advertisements. This, then, makes leaflets a cost-effective investment, especially if you have a valuable leaflet supplier or use your own printing services.

Long-Term Benefits

As opposed to some of the more trendy and modern marketing strategies that have been adopted in recent years, leaflets can be left in place for a prolonged period of time. With very little to do in the way of maintenance, you will not have to concern yourself about trying to regularly produce new designs. Once you have commissioned a piece that you believe will appeal to your core demographic, you can continue to distribute to great effect. This, we hope you can agree, is more preferable to having to spend countless hours on a weekly basis trying to produce new and innovative ideas.

Informational Hub

Arguably one of the biggest benefits associated with leaflets is that they are not solely there to grab the attention of passers-by; though they will certainly feature an eye-catching design, it is what they contain within that is most important. Whilst it is up to you as to how much textual information you deem reasonable to publish, you can be sure that this is a fantastic method to generate publicity for your flagship products and limited-time events. If your customers are in a rush they may not have time to personally find out more about your products on offer, therefore, the convenience of picking up a leaflet to read in their own time is more appropriate.

Creative License

Should you come to the conclusion that using leaflets is the course of action that you would like to pursue, it is important that you understand the level of freedom that you have during the design phase. Some of you might prefer to adopt a minimalism style, as this can help to cultivate an element of mystique; alternatively, you may think that being direct and to-the-point could be just the right way to engage with your audience.

How Can We Be Of Assistance?

Do you have a large reception area at your disposal, but feel that you are not utilising it to its full potential? Have you been looking into the prospect of purchasing wall-mounted leaflet dispensers, which can subsequently offer a drastic improvement to your existing advertising strategy? If you are looking to create a leaflet wall display that is second-to-none, and can immediately appeal to your customers, you have come to the right place - VKF Renzel is here to help.

If you have not worked with us in the past, it is important that you know that we are in possession of some of the finest leaflet holders in the country. Our products are incredibly versatile, and can be deployed in various different locations to great effect. For those of you that want to discuss your circumstances in greater detail, and come up with a top-tier plan of action, we ask that you use the contact methods on our homepage to get in touch.
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