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Click & Collect equipment for your shop

Click & Collect is being offered by more and more companies in lockdown. Customers can order goods by phone, email or online. The Click & Collect order can then be picked up in the store. We offer you the right Click & Collect equipment to ensure a smooth and hygienic process.

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Selling successfully even during the lockdown

With the help of the Click & Collect service, you can offer your customers a comprehensive service. The customer can conveniently order the desired product online and settle it with the desired payment method. The customer can then pick up the order from the store in a safe manner.

In this way, an incurring delivery time is avoided. By personally picking them up in the shop, the customer receives their goods immediately instead of waiting for them. The prerequisite for this is the short-term and availability of goods. The smooth internal processing of orders is also crucial.

But in offering such a service, you don't just address the needs of customers. Especially in the current Corona crisis, Click & Collect opens up the possibility of selling products in stores even during the lockdown. The customers submit their order in advance via the online shop, by email or by phone. Companies that are closed during the lockdown can continue to offer their products in this way.

Click & Collect orders can keep your shop going even in times of lockdown. Picking and shipping may even be relieved by personal collection. And finally, customer satisfaction will certainly be increased.

Of course, hygiene measures must also be taken when collecting the goods in person. Appropriate equipment helps to maintain the health of employees and customers and to reduce the risk of infection. In addition, the equipment plays a decisive role in the professional and efficient organization of Click & Collect.


With these products, you can structure any queues and ensure that minimum distances are observed.


If a minimum distance cannot be maintained, these articles are used with additional shielding.


Draw attention to the applicable contact rules or to the measures you have taken. Advertise your products and your Click & Collect service sustainably.

Equipment for various industries

Click & Collect can be introduced and promoted within a very short time. This service is offered by companies from various industries and is enthusiastically accepted by their customers. The equipment from the areas of protection, guidance and information supports you in the successful implementation of Click & Collect.

The implementation of these orders usually relates to both the indoor and outdoor areas. We offer you the right products to present yourself optimally from beginning to end. In this way you score with your customers with professionalism and structure. Give your customers a sense of security in order to strengthen their loyalty to your company.

Equipment for the outside area

For the customer, the collection of the goods starts from you outside. Clearly visible and striking signage is essential here. Make sure you are clear about the exact location and the further process of the collection. Customer A-boards, banner frames or beach flags are just a few of the many products that attract the attention of customers outdoors.

Depending on the day of the week or the time, there can be longer queues in front of your shop. Through targeted guidance with barrier posts, you can continue to ensure an orderly and structured process. The use of floor stickers can help to indicate the minimum distances. A promotion tent keeps your customers dry while they wait.

Before entering the indoor area, it makes sense to place notice boards. These point out the safety measures and ensure that the process is easier thanks to sustainable information. While the outside area primarily offers orientation, the interior area in particular depends on carefully chosen shop fittings.

Equipment for indoor use

It is particularly important to protect employees and customers indoors. In addition to poster frames and a disinfection column, partition walls are important components of your equipment. By using these articles, you create a pleasant atmosphere for both parties to the contract.

By making the pick-up service pleasant for the customer, you ensure future use. This results in the success of the Click & Collect offer. Use our products to achieve a successful implementation.

Structure the interior with partition walls. Guide the customer through your shop with barrier stands or floor stickers. Provide the customer with all the necessary information or draw their attention to new offers and services. Choose between different face masks, spit guards or face visors to shield customers and employees from one another.
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