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Also known as snap frames, our Aluminium Click Frames can be found in various formats. Here you will find the perfect product to display your posters, photos and advertising media. The classic silver click frames are manufactured from aluminium and are one of the best-selling items. The fast and uncomplicated opening and closing of these frames are particularly important in allowing content to be easily replaced in seconds. The most common standard sizes A5 – A0 can be found here. If you need a special size, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Open, Insert, Close and Hang Up: Your Snap Frame is Waiting For You

Snap Frames not only offer an easy solution to displaying various content but are a sleek and attractive option perfect for almost any location. For the short-term or permanent display of notices, the aluminum snap frames have established themselves as a popular frame system. 
As the name suggests, the inlays in the frame are exchanged using a folding mechanism. The frame can be opened allowing the cover film and the contents to be removed. Simply replace the insert, put the cover film on and close.
The quick change of content enables you to display up to date information and offers. The aluminum frames are perfect for short-term promotions and advice. In this way, you remain flexible and spontaneous with your notices.
Hang your snap frames at various locations. The clamping frames can be suspended from the ceiling, used in conjunction with a stand or attached to the wall. The snap frames can be used both indoors and outdoors. We offer water-resistant cover films that consist of anti-reflective covers made from UV-stabilised material protecting your content from fading and ensures improved readability, due to the reduction in light reflections.

Choosing The Right Click Frame For You


Notices, posters and pictures of any shape and size come into their own with a suitable advertising frame. Use our high-quality aluminum snap frames for this. We offer a wide selection of frames in our online store; in addition to the classic aluminium click frames, you will find popular poster frames in both silver and black, with either mitred or rounded corners. Alternatively, we also offer flame-retardant models, sandwich snap frames or double-sided clamping snap frames.
The choice of your snap frame depends entirely upon its specific use, whether as a single or double-sided poster frame and how you wish for the frame to be attached. For this, we offer multi-page copies in our range. These are particularly suitable to be hung or used as a shop window. In this way, customers and passers-by come into contact with your content on both sides.
How do you want your click frame to be attached? Many options in our click frame product range are complemented by a selection of different fastenings. Holes, foam glue, straps and other mounts can be ordered. Select the appropriate option when you order.
Do you want to present your content outside or inside? Waterproof snap frames with UV-resistant cover films are ideal for outdoor use. This means that advertising and information can be advertised and informed outside permanently and protected from rainwater. A large number of customers can be reached with the right content, especially on high streets or in pedestrian zones.
When selecting your snap frame, you can choose from many variants such as tread depth. We provide standard models in 25 mm and 32 mm profile widths as well as in narrower and thicker widths. Also, we offer frames that are certified in accordance with DIN 4102 and are flame-retardant. In addition to the classic colours, the snap frames are available in various RAL colours. Take advantage of our extensive range and choose your favorite here.

Aluminum Click Frames For Your Company


The aluminum click frames are light, simple and, above all, versatile. You can find them in public facilities, in shops and shopping centres. They point out information, advertising or special precautions. 
A0 snap frames and A1 snap frames are suitable for large-scale advertising. Use in front of theatres or cinemas, for example, the click frames can be used to promote performances. Larger posters can also be changed in a short time. The UV stabilized cover film protects against the fading of posters for permanent advertising so decreases the need for frequent change.
The aluminum frame is particularly popular as a classic advertising frame in all common DIN formats. But the frame is also recommended for passing on information and instructions. Thanks to being attached at eye level, the clamping frames are very popular with passers-by.
Do you want to publicly mark escape and rescue routes? Should your information be visible? Are you looking for the right setting for your weekly or daily notices? The aluminum snap frames make communication with customers, employees, passers-by or patients easy!
Compared to loosely glued notes, the snap frames not only attract more attention. They convey a clear picture of your company. With the aluminum info frame, you can display your content properly, in a high-quality manner. As a manufacturer, we guarantee that the posters will be easier to read without any light reflections.

Our LED snap frames are recommended for first-class illumination of your notices. They combine the practical properties of a hinged frame with uniform lighting through LED modules. This lighting has a positive impact on customer perception and creates more eye-catching displays.

It does not matter which snap frame you opt for, the VKF Renzel online shop offers just the right selection of frames that allow the quick and easy change of the posters inside. Take your measurements and choose a robust and stable snap frame from our range today.

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