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CO2 Measuring Device "Air2Color" with Traffic Light

Item number: 10.0548.1
  • simple handling
  • easy to understand measurement results
  • good visibility all around
  • powerful CO2 sensor
  • supports compliance with DIN 1946-6
  • additional acoustic signal
  • for rooms up to 80 m²
  • can be used without additional device
  • Made in Germany
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Material plastic
Colour light grey
Outer size 100 x 100 x 100 mm
Room size up to 80 m²
Sensor NDIR CO2 sensor
Light colour green, yellow, red
Measurement range 400 - 10.000 ppm (± 30 ppm)
Connection USB-C
Cable length 2000 mm
Features incl power supply

Product Description

If the concentration of CO2 (carbon dioxide) increases in the room air, this not only affects our ability to concentrate. A too high CO2 content in the room air also has an influence on our health. Especially in the current time, regular ventilation of rooms is an important measure to protect against the distribution of aerosols. The RENZ AIR2COLOR - CO2 Traffic Light is a measuring device which measures the carbon dioxide concentration in the room air. Based on this, the quality of the room air can be evaluated by a traffic light system. The 360° revolving light band uses the colours green, yellow and red to draw attention to the need to ventilate the room. In addition, a pleasant acoustic signal sounds. This can be switched to mute if required. Thus you ensure a sufficient supply of fresh air in your premises.

The device is a durable and powerful NDIR CO2 sensor. The measuring range is between 400 ppm and 10,000 ppm (± 30 ppm). The AIR2COLOR measuring device works according to the recommendations of the German Federal Environmental Agency and supports compliance with DIN1946-6. The CO2 measuring device is suitable for rooms up to 80 m² and guarantees a reliable measurement result at any location. The handling is very easy and the device is immediately ready for use. No further Bluetooth or WLAN end device is required for use.



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