Correctly Place Advertising in the Pharmacy

With the wide variety of products available in pharmacies, a high degree of structure is essential; thousands of products are more than likely presented in quite a confined space. We offer solutions for an orderly shelf with our product dividers, scanner rails and stock pushers. Each product gets its fixed place on the shelf and is continuously pushed forward.


For the promotional presentation of products and advertising media, we offer a variety of different advertising displays and product holders – there are endless options for the counter top, shop windows and floor advertising too.


Advantages of Using POS Materials


» Additional marketing of over-the-counter medications
» Attract more attention to specific offers
» Increase the number of spontaneous visitors entering the pharmacy
» Support undecided customers in the buying process
» Increase the number of impulse purchases


Our Sales Promotion Solutions for your Pharmacy



Individual Displays for Pharmacies

As a manufacturer of many sales promotion products, we'll produce your individual POS displays with an unmistakably recognisable effect.


Quality – Made in the UK

We produce a large number of our goods within the UK

High-Quality Materials

We value quality

Innovative Technology

We use the latest machinery and proven techniques


Our Successes

For over 30 years, we have been your reliable partner for sales promotion around the point of sale.








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