Advice on data handling for digital and screen printing



Please use appropriate desktop publishing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, etc.

Office programs such as Word or PowerPoint are not suitable for creating high-quality print data! Printing office data is normally possible only with certain restrictions, subsequent corrections and substantial efforts (EXTRAcosts).


Document format

Creating a ratio of 1:1, 1:2, 1:4 or 1:10



- if required -

create images outside of the document format (scale of 1:1) to -3 mm or -5 mm (see also the relevant product data sheets)


Document content

Font / text

convert to outlines, or which is embedded into PDF files



Send any embedded images or positioned / linked images, in the image format: eps, tif, jpg maximum resolution of 1:1 = 300 dpi from 120 dpi (min. 72 dpi) to 240 dpi at 1:2 = 1:4 = 1:10 = 480 dpi and 1200 dpi


File format

We prefer printable PDF data via PDF/X1a as default

Other possible file formats are: eps, ai, tif, jpg (not jpeg or gif)

Please convert Indesign files into a PDF file. Should it not be possible to avoid the use of InDesign files, then we reserve the right to charge any relevant additional fees.



Screen prints

For special colours, please send us your data with the relevant colour details (PMS, HKS, RAL)


Digital printing

Please provide data in CMYK and not in RGB format

Special colours can be simulated in digital print! A 100% match is not possible.

One approach is possible - however you should provide us with this as part of a proof. Any further information can be discussed with your sales representative.

Dark black areas can be maintained only via digital printing for black colour construction using the four process colours (C 50 / M 50 / Y 50 / Y 100).


Monitoring colours

Upon request, we can produce an additional proof for monitoring colours.



Do you not have any printable data? Do you need to design the selected print media? Then contact us! We will send you your print data including design work for the requested print products. (Cost as per labour)


Data delivery

via e-mail

Data equivalent of 15 MB to, or via your sales representative


via FTP

Amount of data equivalent to approx. 1 GB. You will have received access data from your sales representative.



Please send us an e-mail ( or to your sales representative) once the transfer is complete, and inform us of the name of the database.


via web upload

You will have received access data from your sales representative.


on CD / DVD

This is possible and should include file attachments of proofs.