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Digitale Türschilder für Büros, Seminarräume und mehr

Digital Door Signs for All Situations

With the help of digital door signs, labels and information can be updated and managed at any time. The allow the fully graphical representation of room occupancies for conference rooms, treatment and patient rooms or offices. The central administration of the electronic door signs is carried out by a radio via a router.

Secure Data Transmission

Individual Design of Door Signs

Central Control & Monitoring

E-Paper Technology

Updated at Any Time & Easily Managed

Convential door signs are usually in constant use. The signs are usually printed or labelled so that changes cannot be implemented. A model with a paper insert ensures that changes can be implemented, but these are time-consuming and tedious. Checking the topicality of notices and inserts can become incredibly hard work.

Digital door signs represent the modern and advantageous alternative to the classic door signs. These are elegant signs that are equipped with a modern display. The display allows for the full graphic representation of the room occupancy and can easily be updated at any time using the digital signage software.

Thanks to the innovative e-paper displays, the digital door signs consume very little energy. Additionally, as a result of the central administration and the long runtime, the operating costs of utilising this system remain extremely low. Changes can be made and content adjusted at any time using the software. You can conveniently control the displays of the various signs from your desk.

With the help of the digital solutions for your room signage, you can ensure that information is always up-to-date. In addition, the signs can serve as an orientation aid for employees and customers. The occupancy of seminar rooms can be seen by your staff before they even pass through the room. In this way, you create transparency and boost organisation within your company, practice or office.

The signs serve as an orientation aid for customers, visitors and/or patients. It can be extremely easy to lose track of things, especially within a large company or premises, so a modern, high-quality and uniform signage system is incredibly useful and additionally improves the overall impression of your company.

Digital Door Signs for Hotels

In the hotel industry, the signs offer many options for looking after guests. Not only can conference rooms be individually signposted, but in addition, you can send hotel guests individual greetings on your door signs. A simple welcome message, have a safe journey home or perhaps even utilise the sign to draw attention to your menus. 

The uncomplicated design of the signs means that individual greetings or daily messages can be implemented quickly. These are transmitted quickly through the central administration.

Modern and Decorative Orientation Aid

The high-resolution e-ink technology of the labels provides you with an attractive design for your door signs. You can also freely design the visual aspects of the signs online; the colours red, white and black are currently available to you. In addition to the free design, it is also possible to equip them with QR codes and/or barcodes.

By equipping these items with additional elements, you invite visitors within your premises to interact with the digital door signs. In this way, additional information, offers and programs can be transmitted. The drag-and-drop software makes it easier for you to design the displays creatively. Add text, barcodes, graphics and more!

As soon as you have created the design for the first time, you can transmit it digitally to the door signs. This data transfer can take place immediately or is alternatively time controlled; you can make changes at any time and transfer them immediately or at a specific time. Our system also ensures secure data transmission via radio frequency. Whilst the data is being transmitted via radia, the responsible router must be connected via Ethernet.
Data transmission with digital door signs from troniTAG The digital room signs are not only securely transmitted, but they also ensure a modern appearance throughout your premises. Both the display of the signs and the signs themselves can be designed optically. We tailor both the attachment and the appearance of the signs to your wishes.

Decide on a fastening by simple screwing, by a high-quality attachment with spacers or with a simple metal frame. Thanks to years of experience and extensive manufacturing options, there are hardly any limits to the implementation of the individual solutions.

Long-Term High-Quality Signage

Digital door signs are elements of your company or office equipment that can be used over the long-term. You support internal and external communication by creating transparency and orientation. This sustainable type of room signage is becoming more and more widely used in modern companies, in particular. Equip your meeting rooms, seminars or conference rooms with the individual solutions from our sister company, troniTAG!

In addition to the wall mounting option, there are many other mounting solutions to choose from. The models are not only used as door signs, but the electronic labels can also be used as a table display or digital name badge too. Take a deeper dive into the many advantages of digital room signage!

We are at your disposal for more information. Should you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch today.

Digital Door Signs from troniTAG

Our sister company troniTag is your full-service partner for the integration of digital signs. Our team has many years of experience within the field of sales promotion. We analyse the individual requirements of our customers and offer tailor-made solutions.

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Digital Door Signs from troniTAG

Our sister company troniTag is your full-service partner for the integration of digital signs. Our team has many years of experience within the field of sales promotion. We analyse the individual requirements of our customers and offer tailor-made solutions.

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