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A Range of Disinfectant Dispensers with a Sensor or Lever Functions

Provide the option of contactless disinfection in your shop or within your business premises. With a disinfection dispenser with a built in sensor, hand disinfection takes place automatically. Alternatively, we also offer various manual models with a lever. Take a further look at our dispensers - with options suitable for countertops, wall mounting or our freestanding versions, we have an option for just about everyone.

We can provide you with disinfectant dispensers for various areas of application. In addition to the classic hygiene stations, real high-performance models are readily available. Establish greater hygienic standard for employees, customers and/or visitors by implementing a range of manual or automatic models now!

Ideal for Every Industry & Every Location

Hygiene and hygiene standards are becoming more important issues across the world. It's well known that people can easily pick up bacteria on the palm of their hands through contact with heavily used objects. Especially when out and about, it can sometimes be difficult to find an opportunity to clean your hands.

Disinfectant dispensers are a welcome remedy in public spaces. Within seconds, the individual can remove bacteria, viruses and pathogens with the use of the disinfectant from the dispenser. In times where more people are concerned about the spread of germs, disinfection dispensers can give people a little extra security, and by implementing one, you can reduce the overall risk of infection.

It is precisely for this reason that hygiene dispensers are becoming more popular, with many versions appearing in stores, practices and offices, to name a few. However, the use of disinfectant dispensers is possible in such an expansive range of locations and offers a further improved service directly to your customers, visitors and patients.

Employees also benefit from the implementation of disinfectant dispensers. In heavily frequented areas, such as in staff canteens or by the clocking in/out system, these dispensers can support the health of your staff and at the same time, ensure a pleasant and hygienic atmosphere is created and directly communicate to each employee that you care for their health and safety.

In addition, the hygienic disinfectant dispensers have a positive impact on the external image of your company, by presenting your company in a professional and service-oriented manner. In many cases, people can identify the disinfection station from afar, which will potentially attract a larger number of potential customers to your premises, in turn, having a positive effect on your sales promotion.

This extra attention is not only useful in pedestrian zones or shopping centres, but companies also benefit from this in all sectors, including public and cultural institutions, to name a couple. With the use of hygiene stations, you will give off a positive impression in the mind of your customers, visitors and/or staff.

Great Benefit with Little Effort

With a disinfectant dispenser, you offer the option of disinfecting your hands whilst shopping or on the go. This is very popular and positively viewed by customers, passers-by and visitors. At the same time, you hardly input any of your own time and effort when it comes to utilising a hygiene station; they're easy-to-use, with a sufficient tank that operates independently - you only need to refill the station with the disinfectant with necessary.

Perfect for any environment, freestanding disinfection columns can be placed anywhere in the room. The wall mounted versions can also be attached to any wall in no time, using the attachment supplied. You can additionally choose to put the item into operation with either a power supply unit or with a rechargeable battery (depending on the item in question). With the manual hygiene dispensers, of course this step in not needed.

After installation, fill the tank of the unit that you opt for with the disinfectant. In the case of models with a sensor, the dosing amount can also be set, and once done, the hygiene dispenser is ready to use. The only thing missing is the disinfectant itself.

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right filler. There are different types, which also differ from one another in terms of their effects. Some are only bactericidal, others have a limited virucidal effect and others are completely virucidal. By choosing a virucidal disinfectant, you ensure that it's effective against a significantly higher number of viruses.

The respective agent is them poured into the tank for your specific disinfectant unit. The respective size of the tank should be adapted to its place of use; the optimal tank size ensures that you rarely have to refill the disinfectant.

Easy Dispensing

Rechargeable Battery or Battery Operated

Strengthening Customer Loyalty

Easy Handling

The type of filling can vary from one disinfectant dispenser to another, but with all of them, filling the tank is easy and very quick. In addition, the tank is never at an inconvenient height, so all employees should always have easy access when filling it.

The height of the stand also plays a role in its use. Our disinfectant dispensers are typically located at a height of about one metre, so that it can be reach by people of all sizes and ages.

If the disinfectant doesn't end up on the hand, it ends up in a drip tray. This means that excess liquid that would otherwise land on the floor is caught, optimally preventing slippery areas on the floor.

Instructions for optimal hand disinfection for the user can be found in a snap frame or digital picture frame. Alternatively, you can also use the stands for advertising or passing on information. Everyone who uses your disinfectant dispenser will be directly exposed to your message immediately.

Disinfectant Dispenser with Sensor

Manual Disinfectant Dispenser

disinfectant dispenser with sensor
manual disinfectant dispenser

Criteria for Choosing Your Disinfectant Dispenser

When choosing the perfect item for you and your business, you should take into account certain criteria. First of all, you should be clear about the area of application. Where do you want to place the disinfectant dispenser? Is there room for a freestanding version or would a wall mounted option work better?

Regardless of your specific needs, both wall mounted and freestanding disinfectant dispensers are available with or without an automatic sensor. An automatic sensor enables disinfectant to be dispensed without the user physically touching the item. Additionally, the dosage amount can also be adjusted. This means that you can make optimum use of the disinfectant, ensuring that little or no wastage happens and that the tank lasts longer.

Manual dispensers, on the other hand, are operated with a lever. This can be easily operated with the elbow, so that hygienic use is also ensured here. With a manual unit, the users themselves decide on the actual dosage that they'll receive. On a positive note, these specific dispensers require no charging and/or batteries, so require little upkeep over time - they can also be running 24/7 for this reason.

Usually only a walnut-sized amount is necessary for optimal hand disinfection; this is typically enough for the entire skin on the hands to be moistened with the agent. Experts recommend a duration of approx. 30 seconds for disinfection.

How busy is the place of work?

Automatic or manual use?

Do you prefer a wall or freestanding version?

How long should a tank last?

Do you want to provide customers with a freestanding disinfectant dispenser for optimal hand sanitisation? When it comes to freestanding versions in particular, you have a wide array of models to choose from. Additionally, you also need to consider, how busy is your area of work?

The range includes a selection of classic models, as well as high-performance versions too. These hygiene stations have storage space for up to 45 litres of disinfectant. This means that up to 20,000 people can be supplied with just the one tank! Equipped with an infrared sensor, the dispenser is perfect for use within public spaces.

These models also come into their own in heavily frequented areas or at events. The large tank ensures that your employees hardly have to worry about filling up the station. The tank is additionally lockable and therefore only accessible to you.

Finally, the operation of your hygiene station certainly plays a role. Automatic hygiene dispensers need electricity (whereas with the manual units, this is evidentally something that does not need to be worried about). In addition to rechargeable batteries and standard batteries, our range also includes stations with power packs. Is there a power connection at the place of use? Is not, units that utilise batteries or rechargeable batteries may be a better option for you (if a manual unit is not to your tastes). Replacement batteries and high-performance batteries ensure that the hygiene stands can be used continuously.

The above criteria is important to consider when choosing the right disinfectant dispenser for your specific requirements. If you have any further questions or requests, we will of course be happy to advise you.
disinfectant station with automatic dispensing

Need Help?

Do you have any further questions about the disinfectant dispensers? Would you like to order a unit with print or lettering? We are always available for questions, suggestions and requests. 

As experts in shopfitting, we offer you everything you need to comply with hygienic requirements. We can also offer various techniques for the refinement of products. In addition to snap frames and digital picture frames, we also produce labels for disinfectant dispensers.

Our articles are suitable for various areas of application. Feel free to contact us and together we will find the perfect disinfectant dispenser for your company.

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