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Face Visor

Item number: 26.0732.1
  • crystal-clear material
  • complete coverage of the face
  • hook & loop fastener
  • perfect adaptation to any head size
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Material PET
Colour crystal clear
Version adhesive closure & fleece is enclosed (800 mm)
Weight 90 g

Product Description

Easy to attach with a Velcro fastener

This unit is made of clear PET G. The PET G blank has a width of 380 mm and a height of 225 mm and is attached to the head with the help of a Velcro fastener. The band has a length of 800 mm and can be adjusted to fit any size of head without slipping.

The light weight visor also prevents slipping. The PET G has a material thickness of 0.5 mm. Due to the thinness of the material and the nature of the PET plastic; the face visor can be worn comfortably. The result is a casual and comfortable wearing experience. The comfort is enhanced by easy handling and attachment of the visor. The high-quality Velcro fastener ensures the unit will stay attached on the head and it prevents slipping.

The visor is delivered with a protective film attached to the clear PET G. The thin film prevents scratches or other damage during the transport process. As soon as you have received the visor, the film can be easily removed by pulling gently it off. After the protective film has been peeled off, the PET G is simply pushed forward. And the visor is ready to use. During use, the crystal-clear PET G material ensures an all-round good view.

Easy and quick to attach

Curved disc to completely shield the face

Comfortable to wear

Versatile face visor

The face visor is used in situations when meeting people. Regular cleaning enables permanent use of the visor. The "Viral Cleaner Acryl", which can be ordered under “accessories”, is perfect for cleaning. Due to the crystal-clear view through the visor, the personal elements of a conversation or consultation is maintained. It keeps things personal and professional. With this additional measure, you create trust and security for your visitors, customers or guests.

The visor is neither personal protective equipment nor a medical product. VKF Renzel assumes no liability for the effectiveness or proper use of the visors. Wearing the visor does not replace wearing FFP2 masks or meet any other official requirements. Equip your employees with high-quality face visors. Due to its suitability for different sized heads, these products can be used again and again by different people after cleaning. In addition, your employees benefit from the high levels of comfort. Contact us at any time if you have any questions about our face visor.

Use of the visor

After you have received your item, you must first peel off the milky protective film on both sides. The visor made of PET G has slots on the outer edges of the blank. The supplied Velcro tape is first pulled through the outermost opening of the blank and then pulled back through the adjacent opening. It is important that the fleece side of the Velcro tape points to the middle.

After repeating these steps on the second page, you can tension the face visor. To do this, pull on the Velcro strip and hold the blank at the same time. Place the Velcro tape around your forehead and fix the ends with the Velcro fastener.

And you can go about your everyday life comfortably with the face visor. Assembly instructions are available for download, which illustrate the individual steps again.


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