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Point of sales Display for Florists

Your essential guide to all the necessary POS displays for Florists

Point of sale products are useful in meeting the needs of flower shops. Effective point of sale products can help organise the florist as well as create a positive experience for customers as can provide clear product labelling and signage within the store. Florists can be a busy place offering a variety of products aswell as flowers for example, gift cards and small presents. It is imperative that your store is organised in an efficient and effective manner.

Outdoor Advertising:

Outdoor advertising techniques are an effective way to help increase your stores footfall and welcome potential customers. In busier environments such as highstreets the right outdoor advertising helps to withstand from other shops and help customers distinguish the location of your shop.

Use our Classic outdoor A Board to display information such as opening times and directions. Discover our whole range of pavement signs if you require a stand that is more substantial to the British weather conditions, we offer signs that are waterproof and with fillable bases to avoid your signs falling over. If you are looking for a pavement sign that is customisable and allows you to be more creative with your signage, we recommend investing in our pavement display “cana”. This pavement sign which is a double-sided chalkboard sign. Use a selection of chalk markers to create attractive signage. 

Pricing Displays

There are numerous ways that you can display your product prices. At VKF Renzel, we have one of the largest range of pricing display products in the point of sale industry. From price ticket label holders to data strips for shelving. Discover our array of recommendations to display your pricing in your florist. Star shaped signs are a great way to easily display special prices such as promotional offers on sales- this may be on seasonal bouquets or end stock. Easily write on the signs using a marker pen. Spear with v-shaped clips for signs are suitable for placing amongst your flowers to display the flower species. 

Near the till

The till and checkout area is a great place for pos products. Use business card holders to provide your customers with your shops contact details for any future purchases or to give to friends and family if they require your florist expertise. Use table top leaflet holders to display any upcoming offers or notices to your customers. Showcase what your store offers in terms of flower arrangements and previous testimonials from customers. We recommend adopting the Zebrina series of holders to have a simple yet stylish presentation in your flower shop.

Does your florist offer other products?

Do you have an extensive range of products on offer to your customers. If you offer products such as gift cards/post cards be sure to check out our postcard rack for easy display of such products. Do you sell small milstone gifts such as toys and teddys? Be sure to check out our product display systems from pedestals to plinths.

Protecting Your Staff & Customers

Currently, there is greater emphasis on hygiene and safety to limit the spread of germs from one person to another. Within your florist there are a variety of tools you can easily use. In smaller stores social distancing cannot be as easily maintained between two parties, it's useful to install protective screens or sneeze guards to act as a barrier. Many of these also come with pre-cut sections at the base for the easy transfer of money or other items. Additionally, it's vital to recognise the importance of utilising soap dispensers and social distancing floor stickers, as well as potentially providing staff with protective face masks and/or clear visors for further reassurance. 
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