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Essential Sales Promotion Tools & Hygiene Safety Equipment for Hair Salons

Effective POS for Your Hairdressers

Going to the hairdressers is an exciting time for your customers. They visit you for their personal care and that feel-good feeling when they leave. It is therefore important that your customers have a positive experience whilst getting their hair cut or styled. At VKF Renzel, we have the point of sale products you need to make your hairdressers look even more professional and tidy. Some of our products may even help entice your customers in making extra purchases.

Hair salons can benefit from implementing a wide array of point of sale displays; from Leaflet Holders and Poster Frames to Protective Screens and Outdoor Signage, there are many simple solutions that can help boost the corporate image of any company further. This industry guide highlights the main products we recommend for your hair salon and how to keep your employees and customers safe at all times.

Which POS Displays Should I Use in My Salon?

Point of sale displays can be utilised effectively in a variety of areas within hairdressers. There are many options readily available, even if you have little space left to use. There's certainly a wide array of options that you can implement within your premises, helping to further boost interest in your many offerings and to ensure that customers are aware of any policies that you may have in place at any time. Take a read below for some of our recommendations.

Magazine Holders

Whilst your customers are patiently awaiting your services, make sure you have something to keep them occupied. At VKF Renzel, we have on offer a range of Magazine and Newspaper Stands that can keep your premises looking tidy and professional, all whilst providing your customers with entertainment. Magazines are also great for customers to use whilst having their treatment done.

Product Displays

Do you offer products for your customers to purchase, such as hair styling products or treatments? At VKF Renzel, we want to make sure that you display your products in the best way possible to increase your sales. We have a variety of products that can make this possible. Use a Wall Shelf to display your products clearly. Make use of our acrylic display products such as Plinths, Pedestals and Easy Cubes. It is important not to overcrowd your displays as this can be overwhelming to your customers.


When customers come in to your hairdressers, they may not always know what they want and look around for inspiration. We recommend displaying various posters around your salon of different styles or promotional materials for your products on offer, for example, you may supply a specific brand that has many hair benefits. We recommend Click Frames; also known as snap frames, these are a great way to display print inserts on your walls around your salon. With click frame technology, they allow for the easy exchange of materials. We also offer may other poster pocket holders, for example our Clear Line Frame. This frame is waterproof, so suitable in displaying outside your hairsalon premises. Finally, another type of poster pocket we suggest is our Self Adhesive Pockets which can be placed on glass or mirrors; perfect for advertising print on mirrors where your customers will be looking whilst getting their hair treatment done.

Leaflet Holders

We highly recommend placing Leaflet Holders on any surfaces you deem suitable. Similar to magazines, some customers may want to read some of your leaflets that you have on offer. Leaflets are a great way to educate customers about your business and can help you to advertise any other services which you may offer. At VKF Renzel, we have a wide array of leaflet holders suitable for wall mounting or on counter tops.


Customers appreciate businesses that put in the extra effort to show that they appreciate their custom. We have a variety of products that you can utilise to help give that perfect experience. Offer your customers free samples of products that you may have used on their hair - this can help encourage further purchases. Use Display Spheres or Plastic Counter Top Dump Bins to present your smaller products in an enticing way. Do you have any Promotional Products to further advertise your salon, such as pens or bags? Outdoor advertising is also a great way to entice customers to come into your salon, for example, use Pavement Signs and A Boards to display your opening times or any limited promotions that you may have on offer. 

These are the areas that we believe are crucial when it comes to making use of POS displays within your beauty salon:

  • Near the check-in/checkout area - as the usual first point of contact, this is the perfect place to make your customers aware of any new or changing policies and procedures. When used correctly, the checkout area can also be incredibily useful for increasing the number of last minute impulse purchases; think about offers you could potentially advertise or small products that'll be too tempting for your customers to resist.
  • Within the waiting room - whilst your customers are waiting for their appointment, point of sale displays can be an incredibly powerful tool. Your customers will remain in one specific area during this time and are sure to scan their surroundings. Ensure you have effective displays clearly visible from all seats within your waiting room; these could be silver poster frames, acrylic sign holders or wooden freestanding A boards - with the use of these tools, you can not only create a more aesthetically pleasing and welcoming environment, but you can also push forward some additional products and producedures to your customers that may be unaware of.
  • In the customers eyeline during procedures - this ensures that customers are exposed to your displays during various procedures, acting as a great opportunity for you to advertise any products or services offered further.

Protect Your Staff & Customers

Health and safety has become an ever greater concern for businesses recently. With everyone worried about the spread of germs from person to person, it is vital that you implement further protective measures so that each individual feels completely safe within your hair salon. This could be as simple as ensuring that there are staggered arrivals of your guests, or requiring each of your customers to wear a face mask for the entirity of their visit, however, VKF Renzel have also manufactured a range of effective protective products that are sure to put more people at ease.

Our products include:

Protective screens - these can be used during hair treatments or within the payment area of the salon. We suggest ensuring you have a protective screen between each hair station to help adhere to the social distancing rules and to make your customers feel more at ease.
Face masks & visors - ensure staff are provided with efficient PPE and all your customers are wearing a protective face covering.
Hand sanitisers - encourage each individual to regularly disinfect their hands. These sanitiser stations are particularly useful when placed in areas with high levels of footfall, including the entrance/exit
Floor stickers - assure customers are adhering to social distancing in busier areas, such as the payment area.
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