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Jewellery Shops

Point of Sale Equipment & Sales Promotion for Jewellery Shops

Jewellery requires the appropriate point of sale displays due to its expensive and sought-after nature. This industry guide demonstrates the POS products we recommend to create successful displays to keep your jewellery and store looking good.

Quality Acrylic Jewellery Display Stands

Our specially designed acrylic display stands make showcasing your treasured products easier and more effective. Using acrylic stands can help you to position your products in key locations to grab your customers attention. Create a dynamic display by alternating the height of your displays to create more focus on particular products. For example, our 3-Part Acrylic Pedestal Set allows you to display at 3 different heights. Acrylic Plinths are another way to create height in your displays; perfect for shop window displays. Place items such as watches or glassware on the plinths for all to see.

Showcasing Your Products

It is important to present your high-quality products adequately and attractively. All jewellers should display their products using showcase plinths and cubes. Also ideal for jewellery displays in department stores or boutiques, showcase plinths are the perfect way to display eye-catching accessories and jewellery. At VKF Renzel, we offer a large variety of showcases.

Items such as watches and antique jewellery should be presented appropriately in lockable displays. Highlight your treasures with an impressive presentation. Our Counter Showcase “Oval” is a shapely addition and helps to highlight your jewellery with an impressive presentation. The oval counter display case is made of rounded ESG safety glass, providing a sophisticated way of elegantly setting your products centre stage in your store. Our “Syringa” Showcase is another countertop display that can be placed on sales counters and tables. This showcase is present with a lock and key, allowing you to present your goods vividly, securely, and with anti-theft protection.


Prevent direct access to your jewellery with the use of EasyCubes. EasyCubes allow you to be creative with your displays; many come with practical stand plinths with hidden storage for neat organisation of accessories and information leaflets. Seasonal Displays are made easier when using EasyCubes as they can be dismantled into individual parts and therefore can also be used on fairs or special promotion displays.

Make your jewellery displays stand out further by incorporating LED Lights. We are proud to offer display plinths & EasyCubes with installed LED lights, as well as individual LED lighting fixtures. The use of lights can highlight the detail on your products and make it easy for the customers to see the quality catching the eyes of your customers directly.

Hygiene Safety

Whilst making sure your jewellery is looking good, it is essential to ensure that your store has good hygiene. At VKF Renzel, we offer many hygienic products to help make this possible. In areas where there is confrontation and contact with others, use Sneeze Guards to create a protective screen between your employees and customers. We offer free-standing sneeze guards/spit shields and Ceiling Suspension Screens. In addition to this, operating a one-way system around your store is also key to adopt social distancing. If you operate a smaller jewellery store, we recommend running a booking slot system or maximum customer capacity. 

Welcoming many people into your store can increase the presence of germs and viruses being brought in. To avoid this, our Professional Silent Air Purifier is the perfect solution. The professional room air purifier with 3 filter levels removes aerosols, bacteria, pollen, and viruses from the air. The air filter, trimmed for high performance, cleans up to 1062 m³ of air per hour and is therefore particularly suitable for large rooms with high footfall. Make your customers feel safe in your environment.
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