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Below you will find our range of both indoor and outdoor pavement signs, poster stands and advertising boards, all available in large DIN formats. From sturdy windsigns with stable bases to cost-effective A boards, these pavement signs are commonly used to create attractive displays to promote special offers for cafes, restaurants and pubs, to name a few, and are an easy aid in when it comes to attracting more customers inside. All of the displays on offer act as so-called customer stoppers, generally by catching the attention of those passing by and bringing more people into your premises. You will also find the appropriate cover sheets and protective sheets in DIN formats in the accessories category.

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Outdoor Stands for the Point of Sale

No matter if it's an A board, wind sign or chalkboard pavement sign, with a well-placed and attractive display, you can quickly draw the eyes of customers and passers-by. This is why outdoor (and even indoor) signs are considered staples amongst a variety of businesses; from cafes, restaurants, shops and boutiques. For company events and exhibitions, these displays are always a very popular choice and are a particularly attention-grabbing element to add to any stand. 

What different types of pavement and forecourt signs are there?
When it comes to outdoor pavement signs, there’s a wide variety of options available. These include different fold up versions, signs for displaying pre-printed posters and weatherproof models too. 

A boards are a commonly used model throughout the country. They’re an effective tool for displaying up to two large printed posters. These fold up pavement signs are generally manufactured from silver anodised aluminium and are perfect for showcasing a selection of your pre-printed posters. The Classic Outdoor A Board is a great cost-effective solution; it is also fairly lightweight so ensures that moving the pavement stand around is easy.

Wind signs are another popular option. If the weather is a concern to you, then these are a great option. Each outdoor wind sign comes with a fillable sand or water base that ensures the stand is securely held down at all times, no matter what the weather. They’re generally double-sided and manufactured from plastic and steel, however chalkboard variations are also available. Similarly to A boards, these sturdy wind signs are typically inserted with a physical poster.

Additionally, chalkboard pavement signs are growing in popularity. These fold up sides are also double-sided and come in various wooden finishes. Rather than inserting a pre-printed poster, these require an individual to write and/or draw content onto the chalkboard itself, with the use of chalk or chalk markers.

What benefits are there to having a forecourt or pavement sign?
In some ways, pavement signs can be viewed as being more effective than the likes of window display or banners. More often than not, these outdoor signs are placed in front of a store or eatery in the direction to both sides of foot traffic and in effect act as a customer stopper. The pedestrian likely has to take note of the pavement sign in order to avoid walking directly into it and as an effect, they then are more inclined to take in the information presented to them on your chosen pavement stand. Make people aware of special offers in store or new product releases, that they might not have been aware of by simply passing by the front of the premises. They is also an extremely cost-effective advertising method, as the changing of posters and/or written information on the chalkboard are the only updates that need to be made.

What would you recommend for use outside of a café or restaurant?
With their rustic and natural design, wooden chalkboard A boards are a classic choice amongst many in the food sector. The nature of these chalkboard pavement signs allows you to constantly change up your weekly or even daily offers, letting pedestrians know about the specials you currently have in an instant, and allow you to experiment with different designs and layouts at no additional cost to you. The Chalkboard A Board comes complete with a flat wooden frame in a range of UV-resistant colours, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Classic A boards and wind signs are also an effective solution and require less maintenance if you don’t require a continuous change of content on the sign.

Where else would forecourt signs be used?
Whilst these forecourt signs are frequently passed by outside stores and restaurants, there are also a plethora of other locations in which they are very effective. Bringing a forecourt sign to an upcoming exhibition could certainly help in highlighting special show offers and new product launches, in effect attracting a larger number of people to the stand. Additionally, wooden A boards also go down a treat at special events; think weddings and significant parties.

Are your outdoor advertising boards double-sided?
You’ll find that most of our forecourt and pavement signs are double-sided. This means you can attract extra custom from both sides of the premises.

Are these forecourt signs weatherproof?
We do offer a range of weatherproof signs. Many of our wind signs are completely weatherproof; the fillable water base ensures that the stand does not blow around in harsh weather conditions, and many, including the Waterproof Pavement WindSign “Seal”, are waterproof too. With this wind sign, the posters are held in place by two "adhesive surfaces" that can be used several times and are provided with a very high-strength film. Or how about the WindSign "Economy II", a high-quality poster stand made of silver anodised aluminium profile, including polystyrene backs and 2 anti-reflective cover sheets. The moveable base can also be filled with water or sand and is easily moved by tilting from the spot. Other waterproof A boards like the Waterproof Pavement Sign “Eco 35” and Waterproof Pavement Sign “Broker” are available in addition.

Are outdoor advertising boards suitable for indoor use too?
If you’d prefer, or if you need to bring in your non-waterproof board due to bad weather, these forecourt signs are certainly all suitable for indoor use too. In fact, many businesses will frequently use pavement signs indoors, particularly wooden A boards – think about cafes, coffee shops and bakeries; more often than not, these will also be spotted indoors too!

Do you offer replacement sheets for the pavement signs?
Yes, we do offer replacement pockets, including the Waterproof Replacement Poster Pocket “Guard” for many of the outdoor pavement signs. Depending upon the model you choose, we will most likely have a specific replacement sheet to be used in conjunction. If you’re unsure, please contact our sales team directly and we will be more than happy to help.

I’m after a certain component for my current pavement sign; do you offer individual components?
We stock a selection of individual components for your outdoor advertising boards, including poster pockets. If preferred you can create your own stand with the use of the Fillable Base “Vento” and Aluminium Composite Panel for Base “Vento”. If you have a particular part of your pavement stand that needs replacing, please get in contact with us.

What other accessories do you offer for my forecourt sign?
You may also be after a selection of accessories for your large pavement sign. Currently we stock products ranging from Transport Trolleys, Header Board Fixing Sets, Protective Covers and Chalk Markers.

Do you offer printing or branding on any of the pavement signs?
Some pavement boards we have available offer the option to add your own branding to the header board. For example, the Outdoor Poster Stand with Rectangular Header and the Waterproof Pavement Sign WindSign “Seal” with Header both provide this option. For other branding enquiries, please contact us directly with your specific requirements.

Outdoor Displays as Support for Trade Fairs, Events and in Front of Shops

With the intent of these displays being to attract a larger volume of people (to a certain offer), it's clear as to why they're so commonly used in front of shops, restaurants, pubs, cafes and also at exhibition stands. Both stand-up displays in the form of a classic chalkboard, but also top quality A boards (which are available in a wide variety of shapes and with a range of different functions) are becoming increasingly popular and are an essential element in attracting even more business.
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