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The "Perfekta" Shelf Divider System has everything from shelf edge strips and shelf dividers to stock pushers and accessories, to help organise your displays and stock. With this "Perfekta" shelf system, you can create the perfect display and presentation of your products. 

If you have any question on these products, then please call our sales team and we will be happy to help.


Serie „SR“

der Standard-Fachteiler mit festen Längen


Serie „KD“

der günstige Fachteiler - individuell kürzbar


Serie „MR“

besonders lang - individuell kürzbar


Serie „MP“

der Alleskönner mit einfacher hinterer Befestigung

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The "Perfekta" Shelf Management System from VKF Renzel UK

What is the “Perfekta” Shelf Management System?
The “Perfekta” Shelf Management System is a simplified solution for the organisation of your shelving system. If you’re confused about what items you may need for an effective shelving system, you’ll find all the basics and essentials right here. There is an array of different elements utilised for effective shelf management and implementation of these will help keep shelves organised, tidy, always looking full and easy for customers to understand.

What products are included in the “Perfekta” system?
With the wide range of products available within the “Perfekta” range, you might be unsure where to start… let’s begin with the basics:
  • Shelf Edge Strips. These strips, also known as scanner profiles are placed towards the front of the shelf. They aid in displaying an array of information, but most importantly, prices to the customer. Shelf edge strips can also showcase barcodes and other important information, making products easier to find and allowing people to become more aware of prices and this important data easily. 
  • Stock Pushers. As the name implies, the stock pushers are implemented to push products to the front of the shelf. In effect, this helps to keep shelves looking full at all times. The merchandise pushers are available with or without a stopper and come in various Newton strengths to suit the exact product you’re wanting to display.
  • Shelf Dividers. Dividers are an incredibly useful product as they help to separate items from one another. Particularly if you have implemented a stock pusher system, these dividers keep stock from falling off of the pusher tracks. In addition, these acrylic dividers also keep shelves looking neat and organised at all times. 
Additionally, we also stock a range of other accessories to be used in conjunction with our shelf edge strips, stock pushers and dividers. These include, but are not limited to shelf risers, divider profiles and rear supports.

I’m not sure which products will be suitable for my exact needs; can you help me?
With your shelf management system, it is recommended that you implement at least some elements. A good starting point is to look at shelf edge strips, as unless you’re planning to individually label each product with its price, these are usually an essential element for your shelf management system. It’s also important to consider whether stock pushers and dividers are a necessity to you too, and if so, other accessories may be required as well. If you’re not sure however as to which products will be best suited for you, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Can I have bespoke items manufactured for my shelving system?
Yes, many of our products are actually made to your specific requirements. Shelf edge strips are cut to your required size, whilst stock pushers are manufactured with your needed Newton strength, so that your products sufficiently move along the shelf. Shelf dividers on the other hand, often come with a number of break point to snap the dividers to the length of the depth of your shelf.
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