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Building Site Industry Guide

Building Sites

POS & Advertising Equipment Suitable for Building Sites

You may not expect POS products to be found on Building Sites, however, our here at VKF Renzel we offer POS products that are extremely versatile and can therefore be utilized in many ways on building sites. This Industry guide will give some of our recommendations of using POS Displays on your sites.

Outdoor Advertising- Let People Know What You're Building

Are you building new office blocks? New homes? Whatever you are building, make passersby aware of what you're building, this could help create sales as well as increasing awareness of your business. Here at VKF Renzel, we have a huge range of different Outdoor Advertising materials.

Banner Frames

Banner frames are a great way to hang advertising banners, especially in larger sizes and outdoors. Our banner holders are suitable for flat, large-area banner mounting. They can be used on buildings and as a free-standing display for indoor and outdoor use. The tubes in selectable lengths, equipped with pull-through eyelets, allowing you to install advertising banners of various sizes. Already have your banner frames? Then we may have some extra accessories that you may need, for example, bungee loops and spotlights for your banners.

Sign Frames

If you are constructing a new residential area such as a new home development then sign frames are a great way to display up to date availability and to include details such as house sizes.  We recommend the Construction Sign Traverstar Outdoor "Fascia II". This system is ideal as an information board or construction sign. Once your buildings are starting to take shape we suggest then implementing our company sign frames. Company signs are vital for showing people the way in the entrance area of the company building. The free-standing company signs for outdoor use are available in individual sizes, shapes, and designs.


Flags are a great outdoor advertising technique to showcase your company from afar. Passersby can see your flags from a distance and are made aware of what it is you're constructing. At VKF Renzel we offer a wide variety of flagpoles suitable for different sized flags.

Do you have Portacabins or onsite containers?

On building sites there are limited spaces to allow your employees to safely have a break. Within these spaces are opportunities for your o display posters or any information that may be important to your employees. We suggest in these spaces implementing poster frames such as our "Clear Line" and leaflet holders. If your construction is long-term click-frames are also a great way to offer a more permanent display with the easy interchange of inserts.  Use leaflet holders to also store magazines or newspapers to help keep your employees entertained on their breaks.

Site Safety

There are various dangers associated with building sites. Therefore, it is imperative to have clear signage placed around the site such as arrows. No unauthorised access signs are a good way to keeping unwanted persons away. Is smoking prohibited on site? Make sure that "No Smoking" signs are displayed. View more of our information and safety signs here.
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