Point of Sale Displays for Cinemas

Essential sales promotion tools for cinemas and movie theatres

Effective Display Solutions for Cinemas

Even though once in the premises, people have decided to purchase from you, stay and watch a film, it's still crucial to invest in effective point of sale displays. This is for a variety of reasons: you can influence customers to spend more on services or products offered, encourage repeat visits for upcoming releases and additionally provide a smoother, safer and more positive experience for each individual. With such an expansive range of products readily available, it can be confusing to know exactly where to start when it comes to point of sale displays for cinemas, however, we're here to help with any concerns and questions you may have regarding the topic.

What Can I Do to Protect My Staff and Customers?

In the current climate, the big question on everyone's mind is "how can I protect my staff and customers?". There's a wide array of protective equipment and procedures that you can implement in order to provide the safest and most comfortable environment for each and every person. Here's some simple things that you can do to create a more hygenic and safe environment:
  • Ensure parties are sat distanced from one another in the cinema. This includes potentially leaving empty seats between parties, as well as empty rows.
  • Require customers to pre-book beforehand to reduce the number of people passing through your doors unnecessarily.
  • Stagger the start times of films in each screen to spread the arrivals of your customers out further.
  • Encourage customers to wear face coverings in as many areas as possible.
  • Utilise protective equipment throughout the premises, including sneeze screens, soap dispensers, floor stickers and masks/visors for employees, and as a result reducing the spread of germs from person to person, enforcing current social distancing requirements and providing barriers when a minimum distance cannot be maintained.

What POS Displays are Recommended for Cinemas?

Point of sale displays for cinemas vary greatly; there are many possibilities in a multitude of locations that can greatly benefit your business for various reasons.
  • Queues - especially for those busy times, you should consider using Barrier Stands to help guide customers. These are particularly useful as you can zig-zag queues around and minimise the amount of space used, as opposed to customers creating their own long line that obstructs the path of other people. You can also utilise Sign Guides on various barrier stands for additional advertising opportunities or to relay new policies and procedures in place to customers.
  • Payment areas - whether this is the area customers purchase tickets, buy their popcorn and drinks from, or both, this is the perfect location to place additional POS displays. On a countertop, a Single-Sided Slanted Sign Holder is ideal for advertising special offers or new policies. The payment areas are also optimal for encouraging last minute impulse purchases, so think what small products or exciting offers you can easily place here.
  • Hallways - ensure you make full use of the hallways; when your customers are walking to or from their screen, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase an array of upcoming releases, hopeful to encourage them to return to the cinema. Various Click Frames can be used for this purpose, as well as LED Frames that'll make the poster inside pop even more.
  • In the screen - whilst it's not a typical area where you may consider placing point of sale displays in a cinema, you can't quite disregard it yet. You may opt to place further frames on the walk into the cinema screen, again offering you extra advertising opportunities. Additionally, don't forget to have clear Emergency Exit Signs placed inside each screen.

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