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Point of Sales Displays for Dentistry

Your essential guide to all the necessary POS displays for dental practices

Safely Welcoming Patients into Your Practice

As you start to welcome back patients into your practices you need to ensure your locations are safe for your employees and patients and to reassure them that they are in a secure environment where health and safety is of utmost importance. Effectively utilising an array of point of sales displays can assure day-to-day operations run smoothly. Most importantly, you need to be satisfied that you have sufficient signing, information displays, and protective measures in place, resulting in keeping both patients and staff safe and aware of any up-to-date changes. 

Protective Equipment for Dental Practices

In the present circumstances, there remains a lot of uncertainty on the best policies and procedures to be put in place to determine the prevention of the spread of harmful germs and bacteria in such an environment that requires face-to-face interventions. Dentists have been considered one of the highest risk environments due to the nature of the service. It is safe to say that there is no alternate option for performing this service without the need for close contact.

As a practice, you can make decisions to reduce risk and increase the safety of your patients. You may be starting to reintroduce the service of carrying out routine assessments, however, still with the expectation that priority must be given to emergency patients. Whilst patients are required to wear Face Coverings on entering your practices, they can't continue wearing them during the service. Therefore, other procedures need to be implemented. Utilise Sneeze Guards and Protective Screens between yourselves and the patient. The transparent materials reduce communication interference whilst simultaneously reducing the spread of airborne bacteria. During treatments with patients, use our “Quattro” display. The setting angle of the protective sheet and operating height are infinitely adjustable increasing the usability of the product and ensuring minimal interference. At contact areas such as reception desks, there are various sneeze guard options available.

Additionally, other essential items to increase the safety of patients include Disinfectant Dispensers and Floor Stickers/Tapes. It is necessary to place disinfectant stands throughout the building; it may be useful to equip each doorway with a dispenser. There are many options available to give you the perfect solution. Furthermore, use floor stickers/tapes to clearly direct your patients ensuring that social distancing is carried out.

What POS Displays are Suitable for Dental Practices?

Within your Dental Practice, there are plenty of point of sales displays that can be achieved to help ensure smoother running of daily business. For distributing information amongst patients, you need to provide effective information displays placed around points inside the building. There are many options on how you can decide to display such information, this could include opening times displayed on-premises windows to avoid unnecessary entrance into the building. Other locations could be in front of entrances, at reception areas, or within the procedure room. Options vary from large freestanding A Boards outside the building to sleek Click Frames, both of which you can easily place posters of all sizes in.

Also, you may wish to invest in display Spheres, Hemispheres & Chutes, in which you can place sample products in such as tubes of toothpaste. Other essentials may include Leaflet Holders whereby you can make use of additional marketing for other services that can be offered. 

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