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Estate Agents

Shop Equipment & Sales Promotion for Estate Agents 

Shop Equipment & Sales Promotion for Estate Agents

For estate agents to be successful in selling homes, it is crucial that they advertise their properties effectively and well. This advertising can be carried out in many forms, such as through an online website, in newspapers, but also in their shop/office. Having a brilliant point of sale display both inside and outside their work space will help to attract more potential buyers to current offerings. 

An estate agents work space also represents them as a business, meaning that a professional and organised office will emit a great impression to potential clients. Point of sale equipment can then be used to effectively display property offerings, prices or sales promotions and inform clients of any relevant business information.

Solutions for the Hygiene Protection Staff and Clients in Estate Agents

In order to allow estate agents to work from their offices, it is neccessary for them to have effective hygiene protection in place to follow current government guidance. There are various hygiene and safety protection products that can be used in estate agents during these times of concern; these products can be used to protect both clients and staff when social distancing can't be maintained. For this reason, we have put together a selection of hygiene protection products that we believe would be suitable for an estate agents environment:

Estate Agent Window Displays

We offer a high-quality range of estate agent window display equipment, which is great for floor to ceiling property presentation. It's an effective and eye-catching marketing tool to attract potential buyers and sellers before they even step into your store. Typically placed at the window (although they can be placed elsewhere if you wish), estate agent window displays are a popular choice for displaying new properties on the market to those passing-by.

At VKF Renzel, we stock a wide range of element for these estate agent cable displays, from acrylic pockets (which can have content inserted on both sides), cables, fixings clips and more! Take a further look at our estate agent cable display systems section to find the perfect solution for your window display needs:

Top Sellers for Estate Agents

Aside from cable display systems, here is a selection of some of the most popular products commonly used in estate agents:
Table-top sign holders are perfect for estate agents to display any important information on buying and selling houses for clients to read whilst at their desk. Currently, these sign holders would be incredibly useful for highlighting the branches hygiene and safety regulations that must be followed by all visitors. 
Protective screens are of paramount importance for providing a more hygienic and safe work environment. Estate agents should consider the use of spit protection screens on their desk areas to reduce the spread of germs between themselves and their clients.  
Counter top leaflet holders are a brilliant solution for holding property brochures in estate agents. As a result, this allows potential buyers to browse through certain available listings at their leisure whilst in the office. 
Poster frames are an excellent choice for displaying newly listed and reduced properties within estate agents. Similarly, they can also be used for highlighting any important information within the branch on doors or walls, or could simply be used for decoration purposes as well, to create a more welcoming environment.

Estate Agent Must Haves

Additionally, please find below a selection of basic office supplies that we would suggest using in your estate agents to ensure an even smoother running of your business:

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